Developers prefer chat app integration options that can be instrumental in enhancing the workflow and increasing your ROI.

A viable chat platform is important for developers. It keeps the team stay connected throughout the project.

Using an appropriate chat app can optimize project-based communication among teams.

An ideal chat app helps increase productivity and make designing products efficient and productive.

In this article, we did our research to give you the top 5 chat apps that are recommended by developers to help you choose the right one for your team.

How can the best chat messaging app for developers stand out?

An ideal chat app helps developers to share files, code snippets and links with their team. The purpose of a chat app is not to hinder the workflow but to enhance it to achieve maximum productivity.

These are the necessary features that any good chat app should have:

  • Voice and video calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Encryption
  • User-friendly UI
  • Smooth integration
  • Customization
  • Sharing files, code and links easily

Chatbots in chat app development can also be a huge help in improving the workflow and helping the team remain productive. 

We have narrowed down the top 5 chat apps preferred by developers:

Top 5 chat apps.

1. Slack


Slack is a pioneer in chat apps for developers. It offers the ease of building a secure professional online workspace. Slack also offers easy integration with a range of tools and apps, helping in utilizing the resources within the team.  


  • Allows creating and sharing dedicated chat channels across the team 
  • Unlimited interaction and file sharing directly from the cloud
  • The search mechanism allows filtering conversations  


Slack’s pricing models are:  

  • 1. Free: unlimited access to all basic features
  • 2. Pro: $218/month  
  • 3. Business+: $375.20 with advanced features  
  • 4. Enterprise Grid: customization of the collaborative space with the flexibility needed to reach goals.

2. Element

Element is a safe communication chat app for developers. It functions across an open network with end-to-end encryption. Element has data sovereignty with an embedded live chat box.


  • 1. Allows choosing data storage space  
  • 2. Allows integration with other messaging apps  
  • 3. Unlimited room size, calls, videos, and messages
  • 4. Quick setup
  • 5. On-premise and on-cloud deployment
  • 6. Supports SSO
  • 7. Allows app customization and auditing


Element’s pricing structure can be customized as per the needs of developers and users. Contact them directly for pricing.  

3. Mattermost


 Mattermost is one of the best chat apps for developers. It offers everything for free as you get started. It also has advanced tools to enable productive developer chats and simplifies the workflow.  


  • 1. Self-hosting and on-cloud deployment, as well as self-hosting
  • 2. Customizable developer framework and open API
  • 3. Secure with in-built privacy features
  • 4. Allows integration with webhooks, plugins, etc.
  • 5. Allows coding collaboratively 
  • 6. Allows to automate repetitive manual tasks


  • 1.Starter: free forever
  • 2. Professional: $10/user/month
  • 3. Enterprise: Get a quote from their sales team according to your requirements

4. Pumble


Pumble is a free chat app for developers that allows message formatting, highlighting code snippets, and reacting to messages using emojis. It has smart notifications that keep you updated on multiple devices from anywhere.  


  • 1. Allows organizing conversation threads
  • 2. It allows file sharing across the team 
  • 3. Voice and video calls 
  • 4. Screen sharing during virtual meetings
  • 5. User-friendly interface 
  • 6, Customizable sidebar



5. Gitter


Gitter is a perfect chat app that provides a seamless web experience. It is beneficial for developers who use GitHub frequently. And it allows you to share code, highlight syntax, and chat freely. It also helps in building a collaborative free space.  


1. Easy-to-use UI

2. Allows developers to format messages  

3. It can be integrated with your site 



Nowadays developers are choosing pre-built messaging apps



MirrorFly is a lifetime free chat API and SDK that is compatible and versatile for easy integration. Its developer-centric chat SDK module makes it suitable for web and mobile apps. The ability to solve problems and create a seamless app experience makes it an engaging chat app with an optimized UI. 

MirrorFly’s user interface facilitates users to have fun and interactive chat experiences. It includes a complete module of pre-built UI templates, chat window designs, fonts, colors, and typefaces to make customization easy and fun. 

Moreover, MirrorFly consists of advanced features such as one-on-one chat, group chat, instant push notifications, presence indicators, and more. A wide range of such features makes it user-friendly and easy to integrate with any of your existing apps.  


  • Pre-built UI kit 
  • Free messaging API
  • In-app chat SDK
  • Flexible deployment
  • Easy integration
  • Multi-platform development 
  • Security and Compliance 
  • End-end support 


MirrorFly offers 2 different pricing models


  • You need to pay only for the license and can use all the features you need. 
  • Contact MirrorFly’s sales team to know how you can have a customized pricing model based on your specific needs.  


  • This is pay-as-you-go/ subscription model
  • You can pay only for the features you use. 

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An ideal chat app for developers will unite teams for better collaboration, paving the way for success at every level. The key is to find the right tool by researching and identifying your exact requirements. And don’t compromise on security either.  

A chat app would be the best one if it allows developers to customize and explore as much as they want. As this happens, developers will be attracted to the efficiency of the tool particularly as it is also an open-source platform. 

Do your research and go for more advanced features like video conferencing if that applies to your team’s requirements.  

Go for a platform that is comprehensive and includes multiple features for enhanced collaboration across the team. And make sure that the integration part is a walk in the park.  

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