TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing users to create and share short video clips with a vast audience.

While engagement and interaction are key components of the platform’s appeal, some users might want to limit the comments on their videos without resorting to making their accounts private.

Whether you’re looking to manage negativity, maintain privacy, or reduce distractions, here are five effective strategies to limit comments on TikTok while keeping your content accessible to the public.

1. Enable Comment Filtering

Enabling comment filtering is a straightforward approach to managing the type of comments that appear on your TikTok videos. By using the platform’s built-in filtering tools, you can automatically hide comments that contain specific keywords or phrases.

This allows you to create a more positive and respectful environment within the comment section, ensuring that offensive or inappropriate remarks are automatically screened and hidden from view.

2. Set Comment Approval

Another effective method to maintain control over your TikTok comments is by enabling comment approval. With this feature, you’ll have the power to review and approve comments before they become visible to others.

While this approach requires a bit more effort on your part, it provides you with the ability to curate the comments section and foster meaningful conversations around your content.

3. Limit Comments to Friends Only

If you’re seeking a more private experience on TikTok without making your account fully private, you can choose to limit comments to your friends only.

This means that only users who follow you will be able to leave comments on your videos. This strategy strikes a balance between engagement and privacy, allowing you to interact with a select group of individuals while reducing the likelihood of unwanted comments.

4. Restrict Duet and Stitch Comments

Duet and Stitch features on TikTok enable users to create videos alongside or incorporating the content of other users.

While these features can lead to creative collaborations, they can also attract comments that you may want to limit.

TikTok offers the option to restrict comments on Duet and Stitch videos, giving you more control over the conversations taking place around your content.

5. Utilize Comment Filters

In addition to keyword-based comment filtering, TikTok provides a variety of other comment filter options. These filters automatically detect and hide certain types of comments, such as those containing spam or self-promotion.

By utilizing these filters, you can enhance the quality of the interactions in your comment section and reduce the presence of unwanted or irrelevant comments.


Managing comments on TikTok is crucial for maintaining a positive and engaging environment around your content. By utilizing a combination of strategies such as comment filtering, approval settings, and limited audience access, you can strike the right balance between interaction and control.

Remember, your goal is to foster meaningful conversations while minimizing negativity and distractions.

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