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A laptop bag is also known as a laptop pouch or laptop sleeve. It is usually manufactured from materials such as neoprene and leather. These materials help in protecting your device from bumps, scratches, water, dust, and so on.

There are multiple features of laptop bags, such as durability, anti-theft technology, well-padded comfortable compartments, and so on.

Here are the top laptop bags that ease your work.

Lenovo 15.6 Laptop Casual Backpack B210:

Lenovo’s 15.6 casual business backpack has water-repellent fabric and a clean, streamlined design that fulfills modern life needs. This bag offers an additional laptop compartment that can easily carry the models up to a range of 15.6”.

This laptop case has a range of pockets with a spacious main compartment that can easily carry books and other important things.

Key Features:

  • With the water-repellant snow yarn polyester, you can get long-lasting protection for your device and personal items.
  • There are separate pockets for mobile devices such as business cards with quickly-accessible compartments.
  • These backpacks are highly portable, with their weight ranging from 0.99 lbs (453g). You can easily keep your device in the range of 15.6”.

Lenovo 15.6″ Laptop Backpack B515:

This laptop case consists of high-quality water-repellant and water-resistant materials. You can easily use these bags for the daily grind. The bag’s main compartment is spacious enough that you can easily carry your gym belongings, things related to business trips, personal belongings, and so on. With a quick-access pocket, you can easily store additional materials.

Key Features:

  • Offers high-quality, durable as well as water-repellant fabric.
  • Room for everything with spacious compartments and well-placed pockets.
  • Anti-theft compartments offer you an edge to keep your valuables safe.
  • With thick breathable mesh padding, you get cushioned comfort.

Lenovo Legion 17-inch Armored Backpack II:

The Lenovo Legion laptop bag provides you with seamless comfort, durability, convenience, and style. It offers a rock-solid EVA molded front shield with a double-layered PC compartment.

With well-designed storage pockets, you can quickly access the things that are required urgently. You can get full comfort with ventilated back and shoulder straps.

Key Features:

  • It offers size consideration up to the mark of 412 x 305 x 25.45 mm.
  • With height and length of 505mm and 360 mm, respectively you can easily store additional items.
  • A separate cushioned laptop compartment offers you an additional layer of protection.

ThinkBook 15.6″ Laptop Urban Backpack:

The ThinkBook’s sleek design and spacious storage offer the perfect room for travel and business activities. Due to their lightweight material protection, you can keep your belongings secure with storage equipment. It also allows users to keep their essential items on hand.

Key Features:

  • Offers a multi-functional backpack with proper design consistency.
  • Advanced fabric exterior with the help of stylish PU leather accents.
  • Anti-theft back pocket allows you to keep your valuables safe.
  • With a vertical-side access compartment, you can adjust it for greater convenience.

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ThinkPad Essential Plus 15.6-inch Backpack:

The ThinkPad essential provides you with a perfect blend of professionalism and athleticism. You can easily take these laptop cases to your gym or other spaces.

With spacious compartments, you can keep your essentials more organized. While ballistic nylon makes you use these bags for daily use.

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly solution with their recycled materials.
  • Spacious separate laptop compartment.
  • Huge space for additional accessories and documents.
  • With a front zip pocket, you can keep your accessories well-organized.
  • Quick-slash pockets for mobile phones or sunglasses.

ThinkPad 15″ Sleeve:

The ThinkPad 15” is designed to fit the most advanced generation of notebooks. With these sleeves, you can easily protect your notebook from dust, shocks, scrapes, scratches, and so on.

This slim, lightweight design is also comfortable for large laptop bags.

Key Features:

  • ThinkPad brand offers customized solutions for notebooks.
  • Durable sleeves with lightweight construction.
  • Padded sleeves with easy-grip handles.

Lenovo Select 14-inch Sleeve:

Lenovo’s sleeve offers a quality storage solution designed to fit any style. Simply put, it is fit for any style-conscious, on-the-go professional. You can easily store the mouse power bank and other compact accessories inside the main compartment of the sleeves.

You can keep your device from unexpected dangers with water-resistant polyester and padded internal compartments.

Key Features:

  • The protective design gets armored with interior rubber bumpers on every corner.
  • This lets your laptop keep safe from accidental drops.
  • With water-resistant and stylish polyester, its outer material is fit for durability.
  • Additional zipper storage for other accessories.

Lenovo Yoga 15-inch Sleeve:

This Lenovo Yoga sleeve business backpack is specially designed to fit all Yoga systems and usually comes in two sizes. offering a perfect fit, high-quality genuine leather, spill-resistant wool, and reliable style. Besides this, it has a special compartment to keep your yoga mouse and other accessories.

Key Features:

  • Clear as well as classy design.
  • Easy to perform with magnetic closure.
  • Slim and functional with some accessories.
  • High-quality soft material that ensures comfortable usage.

Bottom Line:

Your work becomes easier with an advanced laptop and a comfortable laptop backpack. You can easily take your laptop to business meetings, conferences, parks, or even while exercising at the gym. So, don’t wait too long! Select the bag that suits your laptop the most.

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