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Imagine you have a special store in St Paul SEO Agency. You want people to find your store easily when they search online. This is where something called an “SEO audit” can help. Don’t worry if this sounds confusing; we’ll explain it in easy words. An SEO audit is like giving your website a checkup to make sure it shows up on Google. Here’s how you can do it!

Know Your Goals:

Just like you have goals for your store, your website needs goals too. Do you want more people to see your store online? Or do you want to sell things through your website? Knowing your goals helps you see if your website is doing what you want.

Find the Right Words:

Imagine you’re searching for your store online. What words would you use? These are called “keywords.” For example, if you sell yummy cupcakes in St Paul, your keywords could be “delicious cupcakes St Paul.” Use these words on your website to help Google understand what you’re about.

Look at Your Website:

Think of your website as your store’s online version. Check if your keywords are in important places like the title and headings. Make sure your website looks good on phones and computers. Google likes websites that work well on both.

Read Your Stuff:

Look at the words on your website. Do they make sense? Are they helpful? Google likes websites with good information. If you have things that sound the same on your site, try to make them different. Google doesn’t like the same things over and over.

Speed It Up:

Have you ever waited a long time for a website to load? It’s not fun, right? Google thinks so too. Use tools to make sure your website loads quickly. People like websites that show up fast.

Be Local-Friendly:

If your store is in St Paul SEO, let people know! Put your store’s address and phone number on your website. This helps Google show your store to folks in St Paul when they look for things nearby.

Fix Broken Stuff:

Imagine if your store had a broken window or a door that didn’t open. You’d fix them, right? It’s the same for your website. Check for things that don’t work, like links that go nowhere. Fix them to make Google and your visitors happy.

Ask Friends for Help:

Remember how your friends tell others about your store? Websites have friends too—other websites that link to yours. These are like recommendations. If good websites recommend yours, Google thinks your store is cool too.

Check Technical Things:

Sometimes, websites have hidden problems. It’s like a secret code that only computers understand. Use special tools to find and fix these problems. Your website will work better, and Google will like it more.

Keep Watching:

After you do all these things, don’t stop. Keep checking how many people visit your website. Google has tools to help you with this. If lots of people visit, it means you’re doing a great job!


Doing an SEO audit is like making sure your store is ready for visitors. By following these easy steps, you’re helping Google show your store to more people online. Remember, it’s okay to take things step by step. Before you know it, your store in St Paul will be the talk of the town, even on the internet!

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