Adderall is a prescription-only stimulant drug, which is considered an “study drug.” Adderall is frequently used in schools around the world to fulfill legitimate or illegal reasons.

Adderall is a Schedule II medication, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Schedule II drugs are identified for their medical use but they also pose a substantial danger of dependence and misuse.

A stimulant, Adderall can lead to people being tempted to try stronger stimulants, for instance methamphetamine.

What Is Adderall?

The most common Adderall includes amphetamine sodium. composed of levoamphetamine as well as dextroamphetamine.

Take a look at dextroamphetamine as well as luvalamp the context of their respective right and left-handed variations. They are the same shape, similar to the left and right hand however, they’re not exactly identical.

Adderall is available in immediate release (IR) as well as extended release (XR) versions. Both formulations address similar problems, however they are more effective in the XR formulas and can be more effective because they can be taken regularly. IR formulations last from 4 to 6 hours, and are taken several times a day.

What is Adderall Used For?

Buy Adderall Online can treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or narcolepsy.

The people who suffer from ADHD have trouble controlling their thoughts and attention. They also have low levels of dopamine. This is a chemical signal that is used by the brain to generate awareness. Adderall assists in restoring dopamine levels back to healthy levels.

Narcolepsy is a condition of sleep that causes people to be exhausted during the day. They may fall into a state of sleep at any moment without prior warning. They also suffer from hallucinations as well as sleep paralysis when they try to sleep. Adderall aids with “teaching” the body when it is awake and supposed to be in a state of numbness.

What is Adderall Classified As?

Adderall is a Schedule II medication as classified by the DEA. Schedule II drugs are well-known for their medical use, but they also can lead to dependence and misuse.

A lot of people misuse Adderall due to its ability to improve concentration, creates feelings of euphoria and enhances the energy level.

The tolerance to Adderall can increase rapidly. This happens when a person is required to take greater doses of Adderall in order to experience what they want. If someone takes massive doses of Adderall and is experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and they continue taking Adderall to treat these issues it is possible that they will be caught in the vicious cycle of euphoria, addiction and cravings.

Administration and Dosage

Adderall IR is taken twice to three times per day, typically at least 4 hours between each.

Adderall XR is taken once each day because the capsule is stuffed with beads that release the drug to the body. Certain patients have been advised to take IR and XR when the XR medication is not effective for a long time.

The daily maximum dosage for Adderall which is considered to be safe is sixty mg. Some people might be prescribed a higher dose, however the doctor must be monitoring the dosage for potential adverse reactions.

Seeking Help for Adderall Abuse?

The intake coordinators are there to provide assistance for you or your family member. We’re ready to address any questions you might have. There’s no obligation to sign up for treatment until you’re fully prepared.

What Does Adderall Look Like?

Adderall comes in two dosage forms that include immediate release (IR) in addition to extended-release (XR).

Adderall comes as tablets which are available with a range of colors and numbers. The numbers on tablets typically represent their strength. It could be five mg 7.5 mg. 10 mg. 12.5 mg 15 mg 20 mg 20, or 30 mg. The most well-known colors are orange and blue. Since Adderall pills are widely available several companies manufacture Adderall and the labels and colors can vary.

Buying Adderall Online is a drug that is packaged into capsules. The capsules are filled with beads that release the drug as it enters the body. The XR capsules are typically colored blue or orange, and may also be identified to show their strength. There are a variety of Adderall doses of XR including 5, 10 mg, 10 mg, 15, 20 20, 25 mg and 30 mg.

Adderall Street Names

Adderall prescriptions are not a legal thing to give or sell to a person else. However, a huge market exists for illicit Adderall.

Some of the most well-known Adderall street names include:



Black Beauties

Speed Pills

Smart Pills

Adderall Side Effects

Adderall may cause unwanted effects even if it is taken as directed. The most commonly reported adverse effects fade over time. However, there are some that can persist for quite a while. If you are taking Adderall as prescribed If the adverse effects do not disappear, they should inform their doctor.

People who abuse Adderall or who use Adderall without having a prescription are more likely to experience more adverse side effects than those who take the medication prescribed. These side effects can be more extreme.

Common Side Effects

Some of the most frequent adverse side effects of Adderall are:



Dry mouth



Serious Side Effects

Anyone who is taking Adderall and has a serious adverse reaction needs to not hesitate to inform their doctor. The chance of experiencing serious adverse reactions is very low in the case of taking Adderall as prescribed and can cause permanent damage. The people who take Adderall have an increased chance of suffering one or or more of the following negative effects:

Heart rhythm irregular



Vision blurring of vision changes

Side Effects in Men

Adderall in the average dose usually does not cause any negative sexual side effects in males However, Adderall abuse can result in changes to your male sexual desire, or Erectile dysfunction.

Addiction to Adderall has been proven to increase sex drive and performance at first but it could result in less sensitivity or sexual drive in the long time.

Side Effects in Women

Menstrual pain is an issue for women. Cramps are caused by the adverse effect of Adderall. This is not typical if the person is taking the drug.

Side Effects in Pregnancy

Adderall in the pregnancy phase is associated with a range of congenital disorders. The risk, however, is minimal. Studies investigating the safety of pregnancy looked at women who were legally prescribed Adderall while being closely watched by their physician.

A doctor could decide to keep a pregnant mama on the Adderall prescription all through the pregnancy, but using this medication without having a prescription isn’t advised.

How Long Does Adderall Stay in Your System?

Amphetamines can remain in the body for days. But, different tests have distinct time frames for detection.

The half-life of Adderall can be about 12 hours. It is completely eliminated from blood within just 60 hours, which equates to 2.5 days. The blood tests aren’t used for detecting drugs as they’re expensive and ineffective.

Adderall is present in urine for as long as one dose and up to nine days for those who take the medication frequently.

Amphetamines may be detected in hair for up to 90 days. The time to detect them is determined by the rate of hair growth, not on the specific substance. Hair tests are conducted with 1.5 millimeters worth of hair. The average hair grows by 0.5 centimeters each month.

About 2% of the dose could be passed to the infant via breast milk. It’s not clear when amphetamine levels are detected in the milk of the mother following the intake. Adderall is considered to be safe when the dosage is prescribed by or controlled by a physician.

How Addictive is Adderall?

Adderall and amphetamines generally, have an extremely high chance of becoming addicts. Amphetamine’s tolerance rises quickly, and withdrawal can be experienced within a few doses. These are typical signs of substances that cause addiction.

Adderall, when taken in accordance with prescriptions, does not lead to dependence or addiction. However the frequency of use than prescribed may increase the chance for dependence on the drug.

If you or someone close to you is suffering from an Adderall addiction contact us to Baptist Health’s Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health. Our addiction specialists can help you determine the next steps to take in your treatment. Take the first step to better health by seeking assistance right immediately.

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