Gel Nail Polish

The perfect mani-pedi at home does not need any special tools and equipment like that of a nail salon. Despite what the tutorials are going to tell you, you can create amazing Gel Nail Polish manicures with minimal items. Once you become proficient with said tools, then you can add more and enhance techniques as you go on. 

As a beginner, and if you’re not looking for anything too extravagant, here are the only items you will ever need to buy!

A Nail Cutter!

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised to know how reluctant people are to invest in a good-quality nail cutter. It is important to have one with top-quality blades. Also, you will need to replace it or have it sharpened when the cutters become dull. 

Nail Buff and Nail File

Further, these are the most underrated tools when it comes to nail art. It is also why many people find themselves unable to achieve a gorgeous manicure at home. 

If you’ve ever had a professional manicure that lasts as long as it should, then you will understand that your manicurist made abundant use of the nail buffers and nail files before going in with the Gel Nail Polish. Moreover, filing will help you get rid of the little nail splinters while keeping them from tearing further. The nail buff is the real hero here!

You should use a buff on the surface of your nail so that the Nail Gel Polish can stick more firmly. Thus we can avoid the unsightly peeling and make the manicure last a lot longer. 

The Crux Of The Matter

Everything above is simply the prelude! The key ingredient to the flawless at-home manicure is the Best Gel Nail Polish, no cap! Let’s talk more about this. 

Best Gel Nail Polish Begins With The Base Coat

Everyone who enjoys a nice little manicure knows the significance of a good base coat. Well, the secret no one tells you is the best brand of base coat. 

Ideally, you will want to buy it from the same brand as that of your Nail Gel Polish. The trick is to order a base coat while you get your Gel Nail Polish Set. Moreover, you will stick to a single brand when you do it this way, and their formula will work best for their base coats. It’s a win-win for all!

Best Gel Nail Polish in the UK

You don’t need anything fancy like Gelish Nail Polish when you can get the Best Gel Nail Polish in the UK. A quality polish will last a very long time between each manicure session. 

  • Buy a Gel Nail Polish Set so you get a mix of colours for every manicure. 
  • Select a Gel Nail Polish Set with a different palette each time. Now, you can slowly but steadily build your collection. 
  • Moreover, ensure that your set, base, and top coat are from the same brand. They will always work better together. 

Add Some Funky Fun Into The Mix!

Before you become bored of your plain old Nail Gel Polish, buy some glitter nail polish to go with it.

Further, glitter nail polish comes in many different shades as well as types of glitter. You can buy single-coloured glitter polish, multi-coloured, larger-sized glitter, and so much more. The options are endless, from stars to hearts to a little bit of everything. At the same time, plain transparent gel with fine glitter particles must be a part of your core collection.

Additionally, you will have a plain and simple addition to uplift the whole look every time. 

Gelish Nail Polish For Gorgeous Manicures

It is simply a fancier option that many people are tricked into buying when they don’t need it. Moreover, it is a waste of money for pretty much the same product just labelled differently. Unlike the Best Gel Nail Polish, you will find Gelish Nail Polish is nail polish, base, and top coat – all in one – which means your manicure may not turn out as good as you hoped.

Get The Top Coat On 

The ultimate finish to the Gel Polish is a good top coat. Without it, your polish remains unprotected and exposed to the elements. The consequence of this is that your Nail Gel Polish will peel off or come off that much quicker. Additionally, the top coat will give you the finish you require, whether glossy, matter, or oil finish. 


Don’t forget to invest in a good UV LED lamp right along with the Best Gel Nail Polish and other tools. Gel Nail Polish is much thicker than regular one. Thus it should be cured under a UV lamp so that it can dry and harden completely. Once dried and cured, it will protect your nails from damage until you have it on. 

Take A Little Break

While we enjoy having our nails look colourful and pretty, remember to take a little break occasionally. In between manicures, let your nails breathe for a week or two before you go in with the next manicure. 

In this break period, nourish your nails, moisturise them, and use cuticle oil to improve cuticle health. Wear gloves during home chores, as your nails need protection as much as your manicure does!


As it must be obvious by now, you don’t need fancy equipment for a good manicure at home. Simply invest in a single brand that offers everything, such as Cally Cosmetics. So that you are all set no matter what. 

Begin your collection with a base and top coat, get a nail polish set of your favourite colours, and enjoy a comfy and easy manicure at home!

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