Benefits of Working as an Axis Bank DSA

DSA stands for direct selling agent. They act as a representative of the bank or NBFC. A DSA becomes the point of contact between consumers and the lender. They verify documents, take care of the paperwork and make the process seamless for consumers and lenders. 

An Axis Bank DSA works with the bank to streamline the loan application process. You work with the bank to filter loan applicants. 

Why Become an Axis Bank DSA Partner?

As a DSA, you are an intermediary between the bank and the client. It allows you to gain a dual perspective – what banks look for in loan applicants and what prospective loan applicants want from banks. This crucial information helps you find the right loan plans for clients.

Axis Banks also provides benefits to its direct selling agents. Here are seven benefits of working as an Axis Bank DSA:

Lucrative Stipend – An Axis Bank DSA earns a lucrative income every month. It includes incentives, benefits, and bonuses. Additionally, Axis Bank also trains you to make you a better agent. It allows you to upskill and expand your professional career. You can also work part-time as a DSA with Axis Bank.

Flexible Work and Flexible Hours – Becoming a DSA does not mean giving up your time entirely. The work hours are flexible and perfect for those juggling full-time jobs. You can work as an Axis Bank DSA whether you’re eighteen or sixty. It makes the job perfect for those interested in exploring side hustles.

No Upfront Investment – Working as a DSA means minimum investment. Axis Bank DSAs get to work with top clients without hefty investments. It is one of the few side hustles in India that requires no upfront investment. 

Lastly, Axis Bank is a reputed firm. It means you work with a trusted brand and make more sales. Your job is to improve the experience for both the loan applicants and the bank. You narrow down prospective loan clients and convert them into hot leads as a DSA. For clients, you make the loan application process hassle-free.

How to Register as Axis Bank DSA Online?

Axis Bank allows you to complete your DSA registration online. Visit their official website and click on the ‘DSA Partner Program’ option. The application form asks questions like name, age, address, etc. Complete the KYC, submit your documents, and you’re all set.

If your account is shortlisted, Axis Bank authorities will contact you. You need to save and present your Axis Bank DSA Registration form when necessary. Once you are selected, the lender will ask you to sign a DSA agreement.

Eligibility Criteria for Axis Bank DSA Registration

Who can become an Axis Bank DSA? Well, anyone can apply for the position as it does not require any specific qualification. However, you still have to clear a few eligibility criteria to make the cut as a DSA:

Age Requirements: Are you a legal adult? If yes, you can work with Axis Bank as their direct selling agent. DSA job profile does not require extensive qualifications, but you must be over 18.

Citizenship – Only Indian citizens can register as an Axis Bank DSA.

Credit history – Your credit history matters because it makes you credible as a loan agent. If you have a decent credit score, you’re more likely to be responsible with financial advice for clients.

Qualifications – You do not require technical qualifications in finance or banking to become a DSA. However, you must excel at negotiations and anticipate the need of the clients. Additionally, being multilingual is handy for direct selling loan agents.

If you’re worried about being shortlisted for Axis Bank’s DSA Partner Program, consider building experience. Andromeda Loans is the largest loan distributor in India. By building experience, you get an edge over other DSAs. You also get to work with a diverse clientele with Andromeda Loans. 

Mandatory Documents for DSA Registration

DSA Registration requires regular KYC documents such as an AADHAR card, PAN card, income proof, etc. Here are all the documents you need to register as a DSA:

  • PAN, AADHAR, and Voter ID for identity proof.
  • Driving license, PAN, AADHAR, passport, and utility bills for address proof.
  • Salary slips or invoices for income proof.
  • Form 16 and other income tax documents for tax details.
  • Axis Bank DSA Registration form.

Furthermore, the lender also asks for your latest three months’ bank transaction details. 

Wrapping Up

Working with Axis Bank is a dream for many in India. It is known for hiring only the best. As a DSA, you get to network with these reputed professionals. You can also work with reputed loan distributors like Andromeda Loans to better understand the market.

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