It’s a matter of pride that Jim Corbett National Park is the first Asian National Park to implement Project Tiger. This was set up in 1973 for the protection of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The park was the first to protect these majestic creatures. It was originally called Hailey National Park. In 1957, the park was renamed to honour renowned hunter and conservationist Edward James Corbett (better known as Jim Corbett).

Learn More About Dhikala Canter Safari

A canter safari is a great way to enjoy the Corbett National Park. This park has the highest concentration of wildlife. You’re more likely to see a Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat if you go on the ultimate safari. Day visits to Dhikala Tourism Zone can only be made on the Canter safari tour of the Corbett Tiger Reserve Authority.

Visitors interested in a canter should report to the Ramnagar reception. The safari ride is five hours long in a single shift. The morning shift starts at 6 a.m. and the evening shift at 2 p.m. Day Jeep safaris are prohibited within the Dhikala Tourism Zone. Indian citizens can book a canter tour 30 days in advance, and foreign nationals 90 days.

To validate your online booking, we will require your personal details, including the name, age and sex for all travellers as well as a photo-identification verification and the amount of the confirmation. Also visit our resort in jim corbett.Please bring your original photo ID to the park for verification.

Each canter is limited to 16 passengers and only two canters can enter the Dhikala zone at any one time. The travellers are accompanied by expert naturalists as well as forest gunmen.

It takes approximately 5 hours to finish the Canter Safari section in Dhikala. It may take more time depending on the weather. Most tourists choose to visit this area for the day because the safari is most enjoyable during the day.

For safety, every Canter Safari in Dhikala is escorted both by a Corbett Tiger Reserve guide and a gunner. Permits are required to tour Dhikala by canter safari. Permission must be booked in advance or the same day.

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