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El mercado de garbanzos es un testimonio de la popularidad duradera de una leguminosa versátil que adorna las cocinas de todo el mundo. En 2022, el volumen del mercado alcanzó la impresionante cifra de 13.72 millones de toneladas, reflejando su papel integral en las dietas globales. Mirando hacia el período de pronóstico de 2023 a 2028, el mercado global de garbanzos está preparado para mantener su trayectoria de crecimiento constante con una Tasa de (CAGR) anticipada del 1.3%, reafirmando su posición como un ingrediente básico en hogares y tradiciones culinarias.

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The global chickpeas market is a testament to the enduring popularity of a versatile legume that graces cuisines around the world. In 2022, the market volume achieved an impressive 13.72 million tons, reflecting its integral role in global diets. Looking ahead to the forecast period of 2023-2028, the global chickpeas market is poised to maintain its steady growth trajectory with an anticipated (CAGR) of 1.3%, reaffirming its position as a staple ingredient in households and culinary traditions.

Market Dynamics:

Culinary Versatility: Chickpeas are celebrated for their adaptability across cuisines, from hummus to curries.

Health and Nutrition: Chickpeas’ nutritional benefits contribute to their demand in health-conscious diets.

Key Growth Drivers:

Plant-Based Movement: Chickpeas align with the global trend towards plant-based diets.

Diverse Applications: The market benefits from chickpeas’ usage in snacks, meals, and more.

Market Opportunities:

Sustainable Practices: Opportunities arise to explore sustainable chickpea farming and processing.

Value-Added Products: Chickpea-based products can offer innovative alternatives to traditional options.

The Path Ahead for the Global Chickpeas Market:

With a market volume of 13.72 million tons in 2022, the global chickpeas market stands as a symbol of culinary diversity and nutritional value. The projected CAGR of 1.3% during 2023-2028 underlines the enduring popularity and demand for this beloved legume. As consumers embrace healthier eating habits and culinary creativity flourishes, the global chickpeas market remains poised to play a vital role in satisfying both appetites and aspirations.

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