Delhi is the capital city of India and the capital of the country has a lot of tourist attractions that make it worth travelling. The state has a lot of awesome places and historical wonders that will make your time in the state very awesome and you will be happy to know that the city caters to the needs of people who have an interest in every field. 

Be it an art lover, a history enthusiast or a science lover, the city will cater to the needs of every person as you will find a multitude of places in Delhi to enjoy. Now, if you are a science lover and even if you are not then, the Science museum in Delhi is the perfect place for people to visit and have an awesome time. In this simple blog, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about the Science Museum like science museum delhi ticket price and timings

So, without wasting any more time let’s dive deep into and know more about this outstanding place that will blow your mind. 

Overview of Science Museum 

The National Science Museum is one of the most prestigious museums in Delhi that is known for its science and technology. The museum is a part of the National Council of Science Museums and has hosted many Nobel Laureates. The museum was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister P.V. Narsimha Rao and the museum is one of the biggest advancements in the field of science in India. The museum is a very awesome place for science and technology enthusiasts. The various machines and instruments present in the museum have made people understand the importance of science. 

How can you Reach The National Science Museum?

Now, if you are interested in visiting the museum then, it is not very hard to locate the museum as the museum is located in the heart of the national capital within walking distance from the Indian Gate. The National science centre is very easy to reach as people can easily use public transport like the metro and bus and easily reach the place to have a wonderful time with their friends. 

Ticket Price of National Science Museum 

Once you know the destination of the place, we are going to tell you about the tickets prices of the national science museum so that you know how you can enter the place and enjoy all the scientific things in the museum. 

There are different categories of ticket for the national science museum and we are going to tell you about all of them. 

General Entry with the group – INR 50 each

General Entry to visit the center – INR 60 each

Student Entry – Rs 25 each

3D ticket for adults – Rs 25 each

3D ticket for the group – Rs 20 each

SDL entry – Rs 10 each

SOS Entry for adults – Rs 30 each

SOS Entry for children – Rs 25 each

Holoshow entry for adults – Rs 30 each

These are all the different ticket prices that you need to know when you want to visit the National Science Museum with your friends and family members to have a wonderful time. 

What are the things that you can enjoy at the National Science Museum?

There are a lot of things that the museum offers and if you are interested in visiting the museum then, there are a few things that you should definitely enjoy when you visit the place. Things like the Energy ball, Technology gallery, Kugel fountain, Fantasy ride and the 3D film show will make your visit to the place worth remembering so, we are sure that you will definitely enjoy yourself at the museum. Also, Read:The Ultimate Guide to Mahadev Temples in India

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