In this article we going to share with you the difference between September and January intake in UK. The UK is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations among international students. There are many benefits of studying in the UK, but the most prominent benefit is the quality of education provided by UK universities. All the universities welcome new students in two kinds of intakes. 

These are the January intake (Winter) and the September intake(Fall). Many students are always confused about whether they choose the winter or fall intake. The quality of education for both intakes stays the same, the only difference is in the range of courses offered. Both intakes have their pros and cons and you should analyse these details and then decide what is the best for you.

In this blog, we will discuss everything regarding the difference between September and January intake in UK

Types of Intakes in the UK

There are two major types of intakes in the UK: Winter and Fall. However, some universities also offer programs that have an additional May intake. In the UK all the colleges start in September and the academic year ends in July. 

The deadline for applying to the January intake is from June to September. This means you will have enough time to prepare for your application and arrange for all the other necessities like accommodation. 

The deadline for applying to the September intake is February to May. To understand the difference between September and January intake in UK, let’s analyse the pros and cons. 

Pros and Cons of September Intake


  • September intake is the primary intake in UK universities. If you go for this intake then you will have a range of courses to choose from. You will also be offered several other flagship programs that are open only in the September intake. 
  • Since the majority of international students come in this intake, the universities provide a welcoming atmosphere and there are many fresher parties. You will also see a lot of student groups, especially for the support of international students. 
  • The most underrated benefit of the September intake is scholarships. Most scholarships are open for application for September intake students. You will get a chance to apply to a lot of scholarships and you may get some kind of financial aid. The availability of scholarships is also a major difference between September and January intake in UK. 
  • Many companies offer internships in this period as new students are starting their careers 


  • The disadvantage of going to the September intake is the competition. Since a lot of students apply in this intake, the number of applications received for visa and university are very high and this makes getting accepted into the university very tough. 
  • You have to apply to the universities and gather all the documents from February to May. This is tough because this is the exam time of your ongoing course in India. You will have to manage your studies and applications together which may cause your marks to go down or you may not get enough time to research the courses. You should consider this point when looking for differences between September and January intake in UK.

Pros and Cons of January Intake in the UK


  • The deadline for admission to January intakes is June to September. This gives you enough time to apply and research at all the universities. Since your exams will be completed and you will also have a clear idea of the scores you are going to have, you can easily shortlist the universities best for you. 
  • The number of students applying in the January intake decreases dramatically. This means that the competition will be a lot lower compared to the September intake. This is the major difference between September and January intake in UK. 


  • The disadvantage of the January intake is that it is a secondary intake in the UK and thus you will get a lot fewer courses to choose from. The quality of education remains the same but it is still recommended to choose the September intake if you want more courses to choose from.
  • If you were planning to go to the UK with financial aid and if it is not possible for you to go without financial aid then do not choose the January intake. Most scholarship applications are closed till January intake students apply to them. 

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