The hairball trimmer is a small household appliance specially designed to remove the hairballs on the surface of the clothes. Currently, hairball trimmers are not widely used in households, and there are not many manufacturers producing and selling hairball trimmers on the market.

Therefore, many friends are not very clear about the function and principle of the hair ball trimmer. They have concerns about whether the hair ball trimmer can really remove the hair balls, and how to judge which hair ball trimmer is good.

The following will give you a detailed introduction to the function and purchasing skills of the hair ball trimmer.

Is the Hairball Trimmer Useful

The hairball trimmer is specially designed to remove hairballs from clothes. Its principle is not complicated. It is similar to a razor. It has a built-in blade. When using it, the hairball will be rolled into the mesh by the high-speed rotating cutter head.

When cut off, the removed hairballs are automatically gathered into the hairball collection box through the metal mesh cover, the hair ball trimmer can not only remove the hairballs on the surface of the clothes but also protect the original fluff on the surface from damage.

Keeping the original clothes The soft texture and good looks of yesteryear. It is widely used in sweaters, coats, suits, sportswear, scarves, socks, bed sheets, curtains and other items that are easy to pillage. It is a rare good helper for families John Lewis Discount Code NHS.

Key Points for Purchasing Hairball Trimmers

See if the Speed is Fast Enough

In the above introduction, we said that the hair ball trimmer removes hair balls through the principle of high-speed rotation of the cutter head, so the speed of the cutter head directly affects the use effect of the hair ball trimmer, the faster the cutter head speed.

The better the trimming effect will be, the speed of a high-quality hair ball trimmer can reach more than 6000 revolutions per minute, if the speed does not meet the standard, the effect will naturally not be so good.

See if plug and play is Supported

Most of the hairball trimmers currently on the market are rechargeable power supply methods. This design has a defect that if you forget to charge before use, you cannot use it immediately.

You can only use it after charging is complete, but the quality is good. In addition to charging, the hairball trimmer also supports plug-and-play charging, as long as it is connected to the power cord, it can be used immediately, and it will be more convenient to use

Look at the material and design of the grille

A good-quality hairball trimmer will use high-quality stainless steel mesh as the material, and the thickness of the mesh cover is designed to be thinner.

Which is conducive to trimming; in addition, the size of the mesh cover also determines the efficiency of trimming.

The larger the mesh cover, the higher the trimming efficiency, and the smaller It is difficult to make a mesh with a large aperture for the mesh cover, and it is difficult to cope with larger hairballs

See if the Accessories Are Complete

In addition to the host, a good hairball trimmer should also include accessories such as vacuum brushes, cleaning brushes, protective covers, mesh covers, and fluff protection covers.

Whether the accessories are complete has a great impact on the durability and use effect of the hairball trimmer. certain influences

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How to choose a bikini, which bikini is better

Sexy, healthy, energetic, dynamic… put on the most shining bikinis together, and create the most dazzling girl on the beach.


Striped Bikini

  1. Striped bikinis are a must this summer. And its popular striped pattern has also begun to be used on bikinis.
  2. The red and white striped bikini creates a sexy sailor style, and the ruffled design adds a sense of cuteness

Floral Pattern Bikini

  1. The sweet flower pattern doubles the cuteness of the bikini, full of summer flavor.
  2. A flower-patterned bikini exudes a rich and natural atmosphere to create mature charm

Sport Bikini

  1. Vibrant and dynamic sports styles are a good choice for individual girls.
  2. The combination of colorful candy colors and sports styles is undoubtedly the hottest style this summer.

Polka Dot Bikini

  1. Bikinis with polka dot patterns reflect the lively and cheerful girls, and are also very popular this summer.
  2. The red polka dot bikini is very sweet, and the black polka dot bikini is cool and cute

Beach Style Bikini

  1. Beach-inspired bikinis for a beach-girl look that’s super active this summer!
  2. The brown beach-style bikini creates a sweet and pure bikini girl, and the flower decoration on the head doubles the cuteness.

Which nose hair trimmer is better? Is the electric nose hair trimmer easy to use

I believe that many friends must have experienced such embarrassment: One day, because they did not pay attention to the face, the nose hair was exposed.

This is undoubtedly a severe test for the image. Electric nose hair trimmer, the nose hair trimmer is designed with a three-dimensional arched cutter head, which is very convenient to capture nose hair in any direction and length and can be used by both male and female friends.

At present, there are many brands of nose hair trimmers on the market, and the quality levels are uneven. Which one is the best nose hair trimmer has troubled many consumers. The following will introduce how to choose a nose hair trimmer Boots Voucher Codes NHS.

Which Nose Hair Trimmer is Better

Look at the Material of the Blade

To choose a good nose hair trimmer, the selection of the cutter head is very important. The first is the material of the cutter head. The material of the cutter head determines the sharpness and durability of the trimmer.

At present, the cutter head of good quality is generally made of alloy material or professional stainless steel as the production material, which has the advantage of being sharper and more durable; Secondly, pay attention to the number of cutter heads.

At present, in addition to the rotary cutter head for trimming nose hair, the nose hair trimmers of big brands are also equipped with shaving heads.

Special cutter heads for moustaches and sideburns, saving the cost of buying an electric shaver. Best Products can understand Which products is more suitable for you.

Look at the Power of the Nose Hair Trimmer

We know that the power of small household appliances such as trimmers often has a major impact on their use, and the nose hair trimmer is no exception. The larger the motor power of the nose hair trimmer, the faster the speed of the cutter head.

The better the trimming effect is; at present, the high-quality nose hair trimmers on the market can generally reach a speed of more than 6,000 revolutions per minute.

While the speed of non-brand products is often less than 4,000 revolutions, which is prone to pinching and pulling. Not only is the effect not good, but it may also cause nasal cavity injury.

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