Hailey Bieber's Minimalist Nail Aesthetics

Well, skincare is excellent, but tell me honestly, how often have you looked at your hand like, “I wish my nails looked better?”

Every time, I know.

As a writer, I have to look at my hands most of the time, and I get dizzy every time I look at my uneven nails and chipped nail polish.

You are not the only one; we are all peddling the same boat.

Nails have become the epitome of chic fashion, and trust me when I say this; no one is holding back when it comes to nails.

Nudes to neons, almonds to stilettos, and nails are the ultimate game in Gen-Z fashion.

And guess who has been breaking all thresholds and not holding back one bit when it comes to a classic manicure?

Yes, it’s Madame Bieber!

I would hope you have been living under a rock if you don’t know who Hailey Bieber is.

Well, you may think of her as the wife of Justin Beiber, but she is so much more than just the wife of a world-famous pop star.

She is a businesswoman, an influencer, and recently the queen of chic nail fashion.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, open TikTok and look for Hailey Bieber Nails.

If your feed doesn’t flood with millions of videos on Hailey’s nails, we can argue later.

You may love her; you may hate her, but girl, you can deny that the reigning queen of nails trends has us in a chokehold, and boy, we are letting her.

How Did Hailey Beiber’s Nail Choices Get So Popular?

We, as a generation, are very unsure of what we want.

You may not like it, but even you know I am telling the truth. We are unsure about most of our decisions, so our choices keep changing.

Today we love a good nude nail; the next day, we are obsessed with neons.

Well, this instability is what played a major role in taking Hailey to where she is today.

Call it a good PR strategy or her understanding of the Gen-Z taste, she has absolutely “nailed” it, and we are obsessed!

Additionally, the power of her exceptionally good social skills gave her manicures the popularity they are getting today.

Let us deeply dive into this and see what the hype is about!

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Embracing Bieber’s Minimal Nail Aesthetic

All this time, I talked about how gorgeous and aesthetic Hailey’s nails look, but let us now see how to embrace the same for us.

Lucky for you, I did the research, and I am here with some of the best ways in which you can also embrace the best nail styles that the diva picked for herself.

Try Sticking With The Almond Shape

If you have paid even the littlest attention, you must have seen the shapes of Hailey’s nails have consistently been almond.

She would sometimes slip in a stiletto in between, but the almond shape has been her constant favorite.

But it is safe to say that the almond tip is the signature nail shape that Hailey swears by.

Not only does it look very classy, but it also is one of the most durable natural nail shapes.

You would also be surprised to know that there is nothing new about almond nails; they were quite popular back in the 50s. The one reason why most people, including Hailey, prefer the almond shape the most is because it looks extremely high-end with highly shiny nail paints, including chromes.

Trusty Classic Shades

While talking about a high-end celebrity like Hailey Bieber, it would concern you about what exact nail paints someone like her might like to use.

Well, her nail artist is known to carry exclusively OPI brand nail paints, particularly all the foolproof classics.

The four live savers that you will need are neutral, red, brown, or black.

Here is a list of the artist’s favorite nail paints on the celebrity.

  • OPI Bubble Bath
  • OPI Put It In Neutral
  • OPI Bare My Soul
  • Black Onyx
  • Lincoln Park After Dark
  • Big Apple Red
  • Cliffside Karaoke
  • Malaga Wine 

Embracing All The Minimalist Nail Arts

Hailey’s nail artist may have suggested that velvet and chrome nails will remain a fashion favorite this year. Still, we should be more inclined toward the most minimalistic manicure designs.

She confirmed while chrome and velvet nails will still be a strong trend in 2023, people will slowly quit going for unnecessarily heavy and decorated nails.

It’s the minimum that will be on the line this year.

Cocktail Of Colors

Well, you may have seen multiple celebs do this, not just Hailey. Mixing monochromatic or completely different nail paint shades and pair them together, or layer them too.

It is fun to mix colors and create a new shade.

This technique is beneficial in creating a neutral shade that best compliments your skin tone.

Hailey’s nail artist has confirmed that she mixes various colors while working with different clients, as one shade can never work for everyone.

While trying it at home, you might find it intimidating to mix colors at the beginning, but once you’ve experimented quite a few times, you will find it easy to create a color palette that works best for you.

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The Bottom Line

Well, this was all about the queen Hailey Beiber and her nails. If you have observed enough, you would know that creating her nails wouldn’t require much expertise. Just a little practice, and you are good to go.

Till then, keep nailing!

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