If you’re looking to make some extra Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, there are several ways to do so. These methods include completing dailies, farming minions, and more. Another great way to make Gil in FFXIV is by using treasure maps. These dungeons offer valuable rewards, including gear and items that can be sold for a profit on the market board.

Reselling NPC Items

Players that want to make a lot of Gil quickly often look to the Market Board. They can craft items that are required for class quests, sell old gear pieces they no longer use, or even make their own fashionable clothing and jewelry that will sell for a premium on the Market Board.

Another dependable source of Gil in FFXIV is running random dungeons and the weekly Challenge Log. These dungeons drop grade 7 and 8 combat materia that can be automatically sold for a nice profit on the Market Board, but they also have a chance of dropping noncombat materia which is in high demand from other players and can sell for much more. In addition to reselling, players can also make money by keeping their crafting and gathering classes up-to-date with new content. They can craft items that will sell for a premium on the market board, and they can also turn in materials to their Grand Company for large sums of Gil.

Completing Class Quests

The simplest method to earn a decent amount of Gil is by grinding class quests. This is particularly good for the gathering classes (Miner, Botanist, and Fisher), but even those in lower levels can make a lot by selling their collected materials on the Market Board. The key is to know what items are in high demand at all times and which ones sell the quickest, then focus on those.

Another great way to farm gil is by joining treasure map parties. These can be done with a small group and provide a decent amount of gil in a couple hours not to mention any loot drops. Finally, completing the main level 17 quest Catching the Seventh Dawn can award you with some good-quality gear that can be sold for a fair amount of Gil on the Market Board. This is a particularly good option for those who are pushing through the EX Trials and need some better gear for the next run.

Selling Minions

Purchasing minions and selling them for gil is a dependable way for players to make a lot of money in Final Fantasy XIV. This method involves a high time consumption, though. Players must keep their gatherers and crafters leveled up in order to gain a steady income from this.

It is important to keep up with the market board and understand what sells quickest and for the most Gil. This will help players find the best types of minions to purchase and sell. For example, the meerkat minion is highly sought after by players, but it costs over a million gil to earn.

Another great tip is to constantly send retainers out on ventures. This will give players a steady stream of gil, as well as unique equipment and crafting materials that can be turned into gil. This is a great option for players who want to avoid combat and make f14 gil consistently.


Players who are looking to really make their character their own and set them apart from the crowd often buy new casual outfits that they can wear in public. This can be an especially profitable market for the Weaver crafting job, as a lot of these items are designed to work with glamours and can sell for millions.

Another way that players can make a large amount of Gil is by selling minions to other players on the marketplace. These can be earned by running certain dungeons or raids, purchasing them from the Grand Company, or receiving them as rewards from other events like FATEs and dungeons. Players can also make a good amount of Gil by leveling up their gatherer and crafters, and then selling their materials on the market board. This method requires some patience, but it can be very profitable. Just be sure to check the market board regularly, as prices can spike or drop from one day to the next.

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