How to Make Credit Card Payment with Sephora

Customers of Sephora can register on the site of Sephora for applying for the retailer’s credit card program and in this program the customers will be offered with two cards which are Sephora credit card and Sephora visa credit card. 

When the application is approved the customers can join the free beauty insider loyalty program of Sephora, but you cannot make payments in the Sephora store and for this you need to use your credit card. 

Payments can be done when you go for Login to Sephora card and it is okay if you do not know how you can make payment using the credit card as in this blog we will be providing you with the steps which you are supposed to perform for this purpose. 

Making payment of your Sephora bill online guide for customers 

You can make payment with the help of your credit card online and here is how you are supposed to do it. 

You need to get started by signing into your account of Sephora you have following which you are required to look for the option of easy pay. 

When you find it you should click on the easy pay for sephora card payment after which you will be taken to a new web page where you are needed to put in the account number of your credit card of Sephora along with the ZIP code. 

Now, in this step you are needed to opt for your identification type which can be anything from, social security number, social insurance number or alternate identification number. 

When you are done with the identification you now have to put in the last four digits of your SSN or your AIN or your SIN whichever you have and then move to the following step for sephora bill pay.

In this step you are needed to select the option of find my account you see on the screen after which you should now be taken to another page which will be the account page of your Sephora credit card. 

On this page now, you are supposed to follow the prompts which are provided to you for making the payment using your card. 

Making payment of your Sephora bill using phone or mail for the users 

You can also make payment using your phone where you do not need to go for Sephora credit card login, payment via phone is pretty simple and does not need a lot of steps, you are just supposed to call the customer service on number 1-866-864-7787 and follow the instructions which they give to you for making the payment. 

Payment through mail is also possible for which you are supposed to attach a check or you need to put in your payment card details of your bank along with the monthly billing statement and then mail it to the address which has been mentioned in the bill for you. We believe that these details have been also beneficial and pretty much useful for you and you can also find out additional details via accessing accountiod platform on your device.

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