Microsoft Azure Certification

AZ-900 is Azure Certification and will prove that you have an understanding of cloud computing to make the most of it.

Here we provide everything that’s necessary in the preparation process of exams so you have every chance of passing them successfully.

How much cost to take the AZ-900 exam?

$99. Keep in mind that if you obtain 70% on your first try or renew your certification, this exam could prove worthwhile if prepared properly for success on its first attempt.

However, Microsoft Azure provides many certificates at different costs depending on each test taken.

Who Should Take the AZ-900 Exam? This test is tailored for candidates just starting out in cloud computing and Azure services, as well as experienced professionals looking for their first opportunity with Azure Certification.

This certification provides the perfect way to demonstrate your foundational knowledge in both cloud computing and Microsoft Azure.

Start studying now for this exam – however, to be most successful you should already possess experience in IT, Data Science and Software Development.

How long will it take to obtain Azure certification?

Contrary to many Microsoft certifications, AZ-900 does not expire and won’t require annual renewal like most of them do.

However, you can retake an exam that you already passed if you’d like to improve your score.

What If I Do Not Pass? mes Results will typically arrive 46 to 48 hours after submitting your exam, allowing time for you to reschedule and start again from scratch.

However, this means you will have to pay another $99 fee until you reach 700 points and pass your exam.

Microsoft provides some alternatives for taking exams for free.

How should you prepare for an AZ-900 exam?

Let’s take a look at some of the top Microsoft resources available to prepare you for and enhance your exam:

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals are covered here

Find this course on Microsoft Certification learn – their learning platform providing free resources to prepare for exams.

Start learning Microsoft Azure today with their fundamentals course! The course structure includes:

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

What Is Cloud Computing

Overview of Shared Responsibility Model and Consumption-based Model knowledge Check for both options.

Microsoft Learn

On the same platform where you will find the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course, there are other courses related to both cloud computing and Information Technology in general.

We suggest you leverage all the potential offered by Microsoft materials and take as much time as needed.

How long do I need to study before earning certification?

Your experience and knowledge of tools like Microsoft Azure will also play a part in this decision.

Are You Starting Off Cloud Computing

Provide yourself enough time for research, solidification, and application within Microsoft Azure.

Exams tend to be easier than anticipated, yet for optimal success we advise preparing as thoroughly as possible for them.

This test aims to assess both your general knowledge of Azure as well as your skills with it. Though comprehensive in scope, its questions shouldn’t prove too challenging if properly prepared for.

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