How to Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp?

What if you want to announce upcoming sales or ongoing offers or policy changes that affect your business? Now the question is how to send these promotional or other types of messages related to businesses and companies. I have got an answer to it. It is sending bulk WhatsApp messages to larger audiences all at once.

Now before we go into detail about sending Bulk messages on WhatsApp, I may tell you both the WhatsApp app and WhatsApp business API supports bulk messages. The whatsApp business supports bulk messages to only 250 people, so if you want to send bulk messages to more than  250 contacts then use WhatsApp API for this, which can be considered for fast-paced businesses. It also comes with additional options like chatbots, automation etc. 

To use WhatsApp business API you need to contact a suitable business solution provider for this. 

What are bulk WhatsApp messages?

WhatsApp bulk messages or WhatsApp blast messages can be considered an effective way to communicate with its customers. WhatsApp bulk messages are messages that are usually sent from a single WhatsApp account to multiple WhatsApp accounts all at once. 

If bulk messaging is done effectively on WhatsApp and chatbots it can efficiently lead to efficient customer engagement. In simple words, we can state WhatsApp bulk messaging as WhatsApp used for sending bulk SMS. Do you know why businesses use bulk messaging? This is because it saves their time and effort to create and send messages to each of its customers.

When to use WhatsApp bulk messaging?

WhatsApp bulk messaging can be used in the following cases-

  1. For announcing upcoming offers and discounts. 
  2. For informing about newly launched products and services. 
  3. Informing customers about the expiry date of subscriptions or payment reminders.
  4. Telling customers about cart abonnements or pending orders. 
  5. Getting back to those customers who haven’t got back to the businesses in a while. 

What are the benefits of bulk messaging?

Like every other business WhatsApp bulk messaging also has some of its benefits too. Let’s have a look at them. 

  1. Unlimited WhatsApp bulk messaging

With the help of WhatsApp bulk messaging services, you can send unlimited messages to your customers without any capacity, irrespective of numbers. In contrast, sending bulk SMS to customers requires a limit of specific numbers.

  1. Multimedia messages 

When sending bulk messages to their customers it can include multimedia texts, images, videos or even PDF brochures, which might can play an important role in persuading prospects and customers. 

  1. Devoted business profile

WhatsApp businesses allow businesses to create a dedicated business profile complete with brand requirements like logos, services, brochure templates, mobile locations, contacts etc. This helps in creating brand identity and gives customers a personalised experience. 

How to send bulk messages on WhatsApp? 

To send bulk messages on WhatsApp, here is the step-by-step guide to be followed-

1. Import contact list-

  • Es. In the first step import the contact list to the WhatsApp Business API solution providers platform. 
  • When you import the contact list, make sure you format all imported contact numbers in international format and area codes in CSV files

2. Create  message template- 

  • To send bulk messages on WhatsApp we can use the templates that 

META has been pre-approved already. WhatsApp Message templates make the work easier and can attract customers with interactive user interfaces.

  •  An interactive message template involves a CTA button, quick replies button or templates supporting text, audio, images etc. 

3. Create your WhatsApp bulk messages.

  • By using an approved message template, customize your desired messages. Make sure you keep – your message crisp, clear and easy to understand. Focus on the idea of what you want to convey to the users and what action you want the receiver to take. 
  • Make proper use of formatting options and create a well-structured WhatsApp message.
  1. Send your bulk message
  • For sending bulk messages schedule it on the date, and time that you want to send it to the desired customers. For this, you need to set up a broadcast message campaign through your WhatsApp business API solution provider. 
  • Don’t forget to use proper tags. while sending targeted bulk messages to the customers. 


Bulk messaging on WhatsApp provides an effective way for businesses to connect with customers effectively. Whatever it is, whether announcing sales, sharing offers, or updating business policies, bulk messages save lots of time and effort. Businesses can take support of WhatsApp business API, for providing the services of bulk WhatsApp messages services. Bulk messaging also includes multimedia options and a dedicated business profile for brand identity. 

Frequently asked questions- 

Q1. What is the main difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API?

A1, The main difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API is  WhatsApp Business is mainly used by small business oatsApp business Owners and WhatsApp Business API is used by medium to large enterprises comprising medium to large enterprises. 

Q2. Can I send multimedia messages in WhatsApp bulk messages?

A2. yes, you can easily send multimedia messages in WhatsApp message including videos, gifs, audio and video messages. Also includes advanced features provided by WhatsApp business API. 

Q3. Is there a limit for sending Bulk messages to the contacts?

A3. yes, on the WhatsApp business app you can send bulk messages to 250 contacts only. In the case of WhatsApp business API, you can send bulk messages to unlimited contacts with no limits.

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