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IELTS letter is a general training for writing tasks. In which experts measure your communication ability in practice. You have 20 minutes to reply to a question by writing a letter for a person, company, or institution. When you give a response, then improve your writing to the latter. 

Tips to write a letter to get a high score response?

Write about all the bullet points. 

If you want a new card, you write a proper letter which includes things such as what happened to your card and the cancellation of the card when you give a letter for the new card. If you write a letter without mentioning why you write a letter, then you’ll never get a high score response. Suppose you write a letter for issuing a new card, but you need to write the letter clearly, and then your letter gets a low rank in the IELTS band. Such as if your achievement task band is five or even seven bands. Still, your letter goes low in IELTS. 

Choose the right tone.

When you write a letter, you know the right tone to use in writing, such as formal and informal. When you write a letter to a friend, you use informal letters because they do not use appropriate information, but this type of letter you can’t write to your boss. This time, you can use formal letters with appropriate information. For example, when you do not know the person, only you know the name. You use a formal tone. When you write a letter, then your tone is most important. If you write informal words by mistake in your formal letter, your letter rank score is low. 

Using paragraph 

When you write a letter, you use a short paragraph to describe information. If you use long paragraphs in your letter, finding the main information is complicated. So your letter gets a low rank. If you write a short paragraph, the examiner easily finds the topic in the content you want to provide. Your letter gets high scores when you provide information through bullet points according to your need or want.

Sign of correctly 

When you write your letter after the end, you sign it correctly. Signs matter at the end of the letter. If you write a letter to your friend, you sign off with ‘your sincerely.’ When you write a letter for a person, but you do not know, you sign off with ‘your faithfully.’ 

When you write a letter with the right tone and proper mention of an issue, your letter gets a high rank in IELTS. If you use informal words in your letter, your IELTS score drops. It helps to improve writing skills and communication abilities.  
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