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Indian railways witness a sharp rise in demand for online ticket bookings as more than one lakh passengers travel daily. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation – IRCTC introduces the scheme of joining as e-ticketing agents using IRCTC agent login. Becoming an IRCTC agent will be a great idea to earn more income, up to 80,000 per month & above. Unlike personal IDs, agents can book unlimited online tickets using the agent login IRCTC. 

IRCTC-authorized agents can book tickets for train classes, such as sleeper, third & second-class AC, & others. Also, agents can book using the Tatkal scheme under a different time slot, generally 15 minutes later than standard timings. It turned out to be a great help when customers have to travel in an emergency on short notice. If you are looking for a trusted site to get authorized registration as an IRCTC agent, try SiOnline to obtain your IRCTC agent login.

Benefits of Booking Through IRCTC E-ticketing Agent

Travelers get multiple advantages of trusting e-ticketing agents for their railway bookings online, whether for personal or bulk requirements. Let’s shed light upon some of the benefits that help passengers:-

  • Agents Saves Productive Time 

IRCTC agents save passengers time & make traveling a hassle-free experience. Agents have comprehensive knowledge about the destinations & transportation facilities and can even share hotel booking details. It saves travelers productive time on hours of online research & navigates through different options. 

  • Better Travel Plannings

IRCTC agents can assist travelers through full-fledged planning right from the beginning of a journey to the destination. If no direct train is available for the routes, they can guide passengers with the best connecting routes that save them time. It significantly reduces the stress for traveling partners & agents can make them aware of authentic information. 

  • Experienced Recommendations 

Agents have a lot of experience with serving more customers for traveling journeys. It makes them aware of the best recommendations. Passengers can get expert advice & tips to plan their journey accordingly. Also, they can add extra information like the destination’s restrictions & timings. IRCTC agents have great networking & accurate information with planning journeys for more travelers. 

  • Other Complementary Services  

Booking under any agent may provide additional services like hotel & bus bookings, refunds, cancellations, taxi services, etc. It provides many benefits for travelers planning long journeys to any holiday destination for the first time. The agent creates whole itinerary recommendations for customers with the help of tour & travel packages. Passengers find it a more convenient & cost-effective solution.

  • Authenticate & Secure Bookings 

Ticket booking under IRCTC agent login has valid status & secure your travelings. Registered agents get the certificate & letters that evidence their authority for online ticket bookings with agent login IRCTC. Passengers can look for reliable agents for e-ticketing services & make a plan for their journeys. 

Purchase Convenience 

Bookings under authorized agents make it more convenient for travelers. As there is no burden of stepping outside your home, we can contact these agents via WhatsApp & email for booking with specifying details. It provides the comfort of selecting the packages & customizes them as per the requirements to ease your travel journeys. 

How to Become an IRCTC Agent?

Obtaining a valid registration for an IRCTC agent starts with searching for a reliable service provider like SiOnline. It simplifies the process of registering by filling up the required details, document submission, and speeding up verification. IRCTC agents have multiple roles apart from online ticket bookings. They can customize your travel packages, help with refunds & cancellations, and make other arrangements like bus, hotel & taxi bookings to ease your travel journeys. Authorized agents get recognition under the government authorities of Indian Railways. Whether you are an individual or a travel agent company, IRCTC agency will add more income opportunities to your existing earnings. 

IRCTC agents will receive a fixed commission on every fresh booking. The general structure is 20 & 40 per PNR for sleeper & AC coaches, respectively. On average, agents can earn 80,000 monthly with no upper limit ceilings. It can be considered a consistent source of Income with high commission through selling travel packages. 

Advantages of Being IRCTC authorized Agents for E-ticketing:

  • IRCTC agent login ID can book an unlimited number of online tickets. 
  • An agent can issue whatever number of tickets without fear of ticket cancellation later.
  • IRCTC agents get the booking option for every training class: General, Tatkal, Waiting List, and RAC.
  • IRCTC agent’s commission: Rs.20/40 per PNR for sleeper & AC classes and payment gateway charges.
  • Good recognition as the agent’s name will be displayed on the IRCTC official website.
  • No trade license is required for the railway agency.
  • Your agency details will get printed on the ticket.
  • IRCTC agents use agent login IRCTC in separate portals for fast bookings.
  • RDS Wallet services for smooth transaction payments.
  • Earning for an agent may go up to Rs 80,000 per month.

Final Words

IRCTC-authorized agents are a viable choice for personalized bookings; it is a more safe & secure mode. Passengers can plan the journeys as per their requirements & make changes. Also, if you want to add more income by becoming an IRCTC agent, check out service providers like SiOnline for smooth onboarding & enjoy the additional benefits along with creating IRCTC agent login ID. 

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