Is Power BI Worth Opting Course?


Power BI delivers a scalable platform that aids the user in combining, visualizing, and transferring the data with other users or stakeholders to gain a more profound understanding of the business. It is obtainable in both free and paid versions. The free version only delivers Power BI tools like Power BI Desktop and Power Question and Answer to reports. When we talk about Power BI Pro, it offers Power BI Service that delivers live report sharing, Power View, and Power BI Apps which provides great help while working on your Power BI projects. The origin of the raw data can be Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, or a combination of both on-premises and cloud-based hybrid data warehouses. With the help of Microsoft Power BI, users can study the data from various sources and communicate it with anyone using the Power BI Service. Microsoft Power BI architecture helps non-technical users get valuable insights into their business data without expending much time and resources to know about the system. With the help of charts and graphs, users can understand the present state of the business and the measures needed to enhance it. Power BI Full Course enables you to explore Microsoft Power BI concepts like Power BI Desktop layouts, BI reports, dashboards, DAX commands, and functions. Learning how to test, fix, prepare, and present data fast and easily is now convenient with Power BI training. Microsoft Power BI is one of the most used business intelligence platforms, and the Power BI course heeds a hands-on applied learning method to assist you in gaining expertise in it.

Importance of Power BI

Power BI gives reports and data analysis to a business by providing competitive data to planners and decision-makers. With the help of Power BI, the decision-makers can source, modify, and visualize the data using Artificial Intelligence and make more profitable decisions based on the scenarios.

Here are the unique features of the Power BI tool:

  • Power BI permits direct queries on datasets if they cross a certain size limit. This preserves the time needed to load the data on the system and then execute the operations.
  • The machine learning component of this tool enables users to detect useful trends and make projections of the competitive market.
  • Get routine update information and have the latest Power BI version of Power BI Desktop and Power BI Report Server.
  • Power BI Service allows users to help from high-end processing power with the updated algorithms and technology.
  • Its personalized dashboards allow users to fast access important visualizations and data out of many reports.
  • Alerts can be placed on key performance indicators (KPIs) to revise the users on different metrics and measurements.
  • MS Power BI makes it comfortable to guide and process complex datasets so that even a non-technical user can utilize reports and custom dashboards without consuming much time learning the interface.
  • The users obtain business insights for free on Power BI Desktop, and therefore, it is the best for small businesses with less computation requirements.
  • Live reports and dashboards get revised in real-time as the data streams in, which permits the users to quickly resolve problems and find new possibilities.
  • Whenever a dataset is revised, Power BI Service automatically revives the reports and the dashboards uploaded in the service cloud.
  • Power BI is easy to combine with other Microsoft products and services like Cortana. Users can access the graphs and charts directly by operating voice commands.


A certification of any technology puts a symbol of excellence on your portfolio in that particular technology. It indicates that you have invested a notable amount of time and effort in learning the technology or skill set and made full benefit out of it. In addition to this, certifications enable you to get a substantial increase in salary per annum as compared to a non-certified candidate. You can expect a 30–70 percent hike in your income if you are certified in a specific technology like Business Intelligence. A Microsoft PL 300 certification is a document that certifies your ability with Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365. The certification ensures a person’s command in deploying and configuring Microsoft Power BI, such as identity management, security and compliance, business data connectivity, and business analytics solutions. The basics of programming and developer productivity on the Power BI platform are covered in this course. Candidates who finish this certification will confirm their ability to develop solutions using the basic features of Power BI platforms. PL 300 Certification is an excellent method to display to your company that you are excellent with the Power Platform and are qualified to develop solutions that satisfy their necessities. Power BI has become the industry head in analytics and business intelligence platforms for fifteen years. Professionals with Power BI certifications are in increased demand in most MNCs and larger organizations. It is an outstanding tool for BI developers, business analysts, data analysts, database administrators, and other professionals who need to analyze data.

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