Job Acceptance Letter

A formal letter that tells your future boss that you have accepted the job offer is recognized as a job acceptance letter. Except for states or else, a job offer letter as well imply that you admit all the terms and conditions, like joining date, timing of work, and salary.  But then accepting the job offer, it is vital to keep a few things in mind., In this article, I am going to show you how to write a job acceptance letter and also introduce a template and sample letter that support beginning.

What is a Job Acceptance Letter?

A job acceptance letter is basically a letter in which you write to approve your receiving a job offer. Once you effectively pass the selection process for a job. Then your new boss will send you an offer which is drawing the terms and conditions for your job. The job letter may also contain a due date and certain advice on how to send your approval to the company. Your job acceptance letter needs to show thanks and openly state that you take the offer.

How to Write a Job Offer Acceptance Letter?

Many companies include a job offer letter to employee record files for future positions. Writing a professional acceptance letter leaves a good impression on your company. And you may begin your new job on a helpful note. Below are a few good pieces of advice for writing a good job acceptance letter.

1. Study Your Job Offer

Study the job offer to know the detailed terms and conditions of your work. So, if the recruiters or hiring manager has told you about what is the process you need to follow. You need to examine it once you are drafting your job acceptance letter. As well you may also talk to your recruiter if you need any kind of help or explanation.

2. Include Your Name and Address

Now you need to write your full name and address as well as your contact details. Because it may encourage the boss to simply contact you without going through your file if they need any extra info.

3. Include Add On the Job

It is crucial to write the date on the acceptance letter. You may as well write the date either on the top or later your name and address. But if you select to write the date first, you have to correct the lineup, thus that it shows in the top right corner.

4. Add a Subject Line

Now you may add a subject line that shows you are writing back to receive the job acceptance offer. It might be such as ‘Accepting a job offer’ which is after your name. But if you are accepting a job offer by answering an email, you need to keep the exact subject line.

Note: Creating a Cover letter needs specific skills and knowledge. Because it needs tons of time, practice, and commitment to create the cover letter. To save time and energy you can utilize a professional cover letter writing service.

5. Add the Receiver’s Name and Address

You also need to add the receiver’s name and address, designation, and official address in your job acceptance letter. But then if there is nothing stated, you need to write a letter to the sender of the job offer.

6. Show the Thanks for the Offer

Utilize this chance to thank the receiver for choosing you for the role you wanted. You need to show gratitude which makes your letter sound polite and also prove that you value your new job.

7. Accept the Offer and Terms of Employment

Now you have to make an official statement for the job acceptance letter. Think about listing a few of the vital terms of a job, like salary, and leave entitlement, and accept them also.

8. Add a Welcome

It is vital to address the receiver with a suitable welcome because you are writing a professional letter. For instance, you may say, ‘’ Dear Sir or Madam,’’ or Mr./Miss after their name.

9. Sign the Letter

Finish the letter with a closing salutation such as ‘Yours Sincerely’ and then attach your signature. You need to add your name in the next line instantly beneath the signature. So, in the case of a job acceptance letter email, you might ignore the signature and just type your name.

10. Proofread and Format the Letter

It is time-wise to proofread your draft once you accept the Job acceptance letter to set any errors. You may as well read aloud to yourself might become a useful method to see errors and readability problems. Then you need to format the letter professionally. Just try utilizing an easy font such as Ariel or Times New Roman.

11. Stick to the Deadline

Sticking to a deadline will make sure you will make a good impression on the boss. If you send the job acceptance letter delay, it will create a negative impact for the employer. You need to follow up with the boss to make sure they have received the acceptance letter.

Sample Letters



[Your name]

[What is your Address]

[Your contact info]



[What is the Receiver Name]

[Receiver role]

[Receiver Address of office]

Subject: Job Acceptance letter- [Your name]

Howdy [Boss name]

I appreciate you for giving me this position in your company. So, I am very happy to accept the Job acceptance letter and look forward to working for you and want to become a valuable part of your industry.  

Gratitude again for offering me this chance. I am keen to get started and will make an effort to your industry’s success.


[Finished Your name]

Tips for Writing a Job Acceptance Letter Email

If you need to write a Job acceptance letter, but, make sure to write it formally and shortly.  Show your gratitude and thanks for starting the offer to give the job a chance and make sure the boss of your dedication to the job. Because it will become your first letter to your new boss. But in the end, you have to make sure double analyze the letter to ignore any errors or mistakes.

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