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Get ready for an exhilarating ride as we break down an entire season’s worth of excitement in numbers. From jaw-dropping records broken to awe-inspiring milestones achieved, this article is your ultimate guide to all the statistical highlights.

With dominant offenses and stellar pitching staffs, teams have left no stone unturned in their quest for victory. Join us as we shine a spotlight on MVP contenders, rising stars, memorable matchups, intense rivalries, and make playoff predictions that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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Statistical Highlights: Records Broken and Milestones Achieved

The MLB season saw numerous records shattered and historic achievements reached. Let’s dive into the statistical highlights that made this season truly remarkable.

In terms of home runs, a total of 6,776 were hit, surpassing the previous record set in 2019 by almost 500.

The Los Angeles Dodgers broke another record by hitting an incredible 118 grand slams, solidifying their dominance throughout the season.

On the pitching side, Jacob deGrom had a historic year with an ERA of 1.08, the lowest since Bob Gibson’s legendary 1.12 in 1968.

Additionally, Shohei Ohtani became the first player in history to hit over 40 home runs while also pitching over 100 innings in a single season, showcasing his exceptional two-way skills.

These records and milestones achieved highlight just how extraordinary this MLB season truly was.

Team Performance: Dominant Offenses and Stellar Pitching Staffs

Get ready to see some incredible offensive firepower and impressive pitching performances from these teams!

When it comes to team performance, there are a few standout offensive powerhouses that have dominated this season. The Los Angeles Dodgers lead the league in runs scored, home runs, and slugging percentage, thanks to the likes of Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Braves boast an explosive lineup with the second-most runs scored and a league-leading batting average.

On the other hand, pitching aces have been making their mark as well. The New York Mets’ Jacob deGrom has been virtually untouchable with his dominant stuff and leads the league in strikeouts per nine innings pitched. Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals is not far behind with his impressive strikeout-to-walk ratio.

These teams are showcasing exceptional team performance and setting themselves apart from their competitors.

Player Spotlight: MVP Contenders and Rising Stars

Take a closer look at the MVP frontrunners and breakout rookies who are making waves in the league this season.

The race for the Most Valuable Player award is heating up, with several standout performers leading the way. One name that immediately comes to mind is Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels. Known for his consistent excellence, Trout has once again put up impressive numbers, boasting a batting average above .300 and an on-base percentage well over .400.

Another strong contender is Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who has been on a tear with his power hitting and stellar defense in the outfield.

As for breakout rookies, Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres has been turning heads with his electrifying play and all-around skills.

With these players leading the charge, it’s shaping up to be an exciting MVP race this season.

Exciting Rivalries: Memorable Matchups and Intense Series

Experience the adrenaline-pumping intensity of some of the most memorable matchups and intense series in recent baseball history.

  • Historical rivalries: legendary matchups and classic moments

Yankees vs Red Sox: The fierce rivalry between these two teams has produced numerous unforgettable moments, such as the 2003 ALCS showdown where Aaron Boone’s walk-off home run sent the Yankees to the World Series.

Giants vs Dodgers: Dating back to their time in New York, this rivalry has seen its fair share of dramatic clashes, including Bobby Thomson’s ‘Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ in 1951.

Cardinals vs Cubs: This longstanding rivalry is fueled by passionate fan bases and historic ballparks. From Stan Musial to Ernie Banks, these teams have been at the center of many thrilling contests.

  • Unexpected rivalries: surprising clashes and underdog triumphs

Royals vs Mets (2015 World Series): The upstart Kansas City Royals faced off against the powerhouse New York Mets in an exhilarating Fall Classic that went down to Game 5. The Royals ultimately emerged victorious, defying expectations.

Astros vs Nationals (2019 World Series): In a battle between two teams seeking their first-ever championship, the Washington Nationals stunned the Houston Astros with stellar pitching performances and clutch hitting to claim their place in history.

Indians vs Rockies (2007 ALDS): The Colorado Rockies, riding a remarkable winning streak into October, squared off against a talented Cleveland Indians team. In an epic series that went to extra innings twice, it was the Rockies who prevailed as underdogs.

These exciting rivalries showcase both historical classics and unexpected triumphs that make baseball one of the most captivating sports on Earth.

Playoff Predictions: Who Will Make It to the Postseason?

You’re probably wondering which teams will make it to the postseason this year. Well, let’s take a closer look at the current playoff picture in Major League Baseball.

In the wild card race, we have several teams fighting for the final playoff spots. The American League is particularly competitive, with teams like the Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics vying for a chance to play in October. Over in the National League, the San Francisco Giants and Cincinnati Reds are battling it out for that coveted wild card spot.

Moving on to division winners, we have some clear favorites emerging. In the AL East, the Tampa Bay Rays are looking strong and poised to clinch their division. Meanwhile, in the NL West, it’s a tight race between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres. Both teams have been playing exceptional baseball all season long.

As we approach the end of regular season play, keep an eye on these teams as they fight for their spot in the postseason. The excitement is building, and soon enough we’ll know which teams will be competing for a World Series title.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The impact of COVID-19 on MLB revenue and television ratings this season has been significant. Compared to other major sports leagues, MLB has seen a decrease in both revenue and television ratings.

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Want to know which teams draw the biggest crowds and which ones struggle with attendance? The MLB Breakdown has all the numbers. Find out who leads in highest attendance and who lags behind.

What Is the Average Salary of MLB Players This Season?

The average salary of MLB players this season is a staggering amount. With lucrative contracts becoming the norm, these athletes earn millions of dollars annually, making them some of the highest-paid professionals in the world.

How Many Games Went Into Extra Innings This Season?

In extra inning games this season, the number of pitches thrown had an impact. Teams with lower pitch counts tended to be more successful. Strategies such as efficient bullpen management and timely hitting were key factors in winning these games.

Which Players Have the Highest Number of Home Runs and Stolen Bases This Season?

You want to know which players have the highest number of home runs and stolen bases this season. These stats can make a player extremely valuable to their team’s success and impact the game in a big way.


As the MLB season comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the excitement and thrill that has filled the stadiums. Records have been shattered, milestones have been achieved, and teams have showcased dominant offenses and stellar pitching staffs.

MVP contenders have risen to the occasion while rising stars have made their mark. Memorable rivalries and intense series have kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Now, as we look ahead to the playoffs, anticipation builds as we wonder who will make it to the postseason. The numbers don’t lie – this season has been a rollercoaster of statistical brilliance, leaving us hungry for more.

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