Managing a website is usually not as easy as you think. An SEO specialist must be aware of all the problems that can be committed on the web, and that could cause a penalty from Google.

In addition, you have to see what are the SEO positioning errors, which can decrease our position in search engines.

Therefore, in this article, we tell you what are the most common errors in web positioning or SEO, and how you can avoid a Google sanction. So take note if you are complying with these rules, or should improve or fix these problems.

Duplicate content

One of the errors of SEO positioning is producing duplicate internal or external content. In the first case, it is because texts have been copied from other websites and you have placed them as your own.

On the other hand, the other case is when you have similar texts with a large proportion between URLs of your website.

Adding too many keywords

Sometimes we make the mistake of mentioning keywords too many times in the article. That is what we call keyword over-optimization. However, keep in mind that for this mistake you can be penalized by Google.

So we always advise improving the quality of your articles and writing naturally. If you need help, we have the best content marketing strategy.

Forget to place internal and external links

Both internal and external links are very important factors to optimize the SEO of your website. Therefore, you should always remember to place links that help position you in the first place.

In addition, it favors you in the tracking of your page. On the other hand, internal links allow you to retain your users for longer, and they can navigate within your website.

Not selecting a category of articles

When we write an article we overlook this point. However, selecting a category allows us to improve our web positioning.

But, we make fatal mistakes like not placing texts in our categories, or not inserting related links. Therefore, take note of this advice, and do not forget to place categories in your post.

Not placing tags

When you publish an article or entry, you can categorize your content with tags. However, keep in mind that abusing them can harm your content marketing strategy, as it will cause the algorithm to categorize it as duplicate content, and unfortunately, you will lose your position in Google.

Remember that what will make you different is placing labels that provide exclusivity to your article.

Optimize images

Optimizing images is very important to ensure the loading speed of your website. What many of your users want is to have quick information, otherwise, they get bored and leave the page.

Therefore, remember that you must optimize the weight, write the name of the file, add tags, etc. Remember that SEO for images is vital if you want to position your website.

Not having a clear objective

We must remember that Google congratulates websites that have original, creative content, and that are beneficial for SEO.

Therefore, if it notices that your content is of little value, it will not take you into account, and you will lose positions. So take advantage and create a good content marketing strategy.

Not linking with social networks

Everyone uses social networks and it would be a fatal mistake not to link your blog or website to them. If what you want is to generate visits, increase traffic, etc., what better idea than to also position yourself on social networks?

Therefore, a good Social Media Marketing Plan will allow you to better manage your content, and take advantage of it. Take note that if you do not have movements or traffic on your website, you can be harmed by Google.

Not optimizing the URLs

You should not overlook the fact that you should optimize the URL, as Google takes this factor into account.

Therefore, keep in mind that you must place hyphens in the URL, and another point is to build folders since Google would take it as if your page is not relevant. Therefore, you must correctly order the URLs and that they are friendly to the eye.

Another point that you should take into account is 404 or ‘File not found’ errors. This occurs when there is no content and it has not been purged correctly.

If you have detected an error on your website, do not delay, and try to fix it soon. At Digital Specialist, our experts can help you overcome these SEO mistakes.

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