White label Gojek Clone App

With this New Year, new business opportunities are knocking at your door! Want to know which one? Well, the all-new Gojek Clone App 2023, wrapped with the latest services is here. This multi-service app comes with some advanced services and features that your customers will not be able to ignore.

The blog mentions 7 reasons why launching this all-new multi-service app will be a transformative experience for your business.

Let’s explore those seven reasons but first, here are three bonus reasons why you should develop this app in the first place.

Why Develop and Launch a Gojek-like App? 

These are just a few basic reasons why investing in this multi-service application will be beneficial for you.

Well, be it your short-term or long-term business goals, this app will help you achieve everything quickly because:

It is an all-in-one app

With White label Gojek Clone App, you get to offer 101 on-demand services from a single app. YES! It troubleshoots the need of downloading ten different apps for services such as taxi booking, ordering groceries, hiring a plumber, sending parcels, etc.

Every service you can think of is available on this cleverly built application.

It’s pre-built

The app is pre-built which means you can skip all the hassles of building it from scratch, developing a prototype, testing it for several months, etc.

You, as the app owner, only need to white-label the app with your brand name & logo and integrate languages and currencies that you like.

Also, you will be able to integrate the SMS and payment gateways that you want depending on the region you’re launching the app.

It will save time and money

This app will also save you time and money. How?

White-labeling the pre-built app takes only 1 to 2 weeks. Moreover, the cost of building the app is a lot lower than developing it from scratch.

On top of that, you get to make money on every single service booking via the app in the form of commissions! Thus, in no time, you will become rich and would soon get an increased return on investment. 

7 Reasons to Build Gojek Clone App 2023

Here are the latest 7 services introduced in the application. Developing a Gojek-like app will enable you to offer customers these latest services. And, more importantly, you will be able to capture a broader market with these new on-demand services.

Buy and sell real estate

Under this service, your customers will be able to buy and sell real estate online. They can easily list commercial spaces, residential properties, etc. on the app for free.

Interested buyers can then connect with the sellers via in-app calls or texts to take their deal further.

Since it is a free listing, no payment needs to be made for listing the property on the app or buying it!

Buy, sell, and rent general items

Your customers will be able to buy, sell, and rent general items like mobiles, electronics, home appliances, furniture, etc, online.

While listing the items for selling or renting, users can add multiple photos of the item. Also, they need to provide information about the item so that the buyer doesn’t get confused.

Suppose, a customer wants to buy a second-hand mobile phone on the Gojek Clone App 2023. They can search for iPhone 12 on the app and all the listings of those who are selling the product will be displayed on the screen.

The buyer can see information like its condition, model number, color, photos, price, etc. Now, they can compare them and choose to move ahead with the purchase.

Buy, sell, and rent cars

Similar to general items, customers can also buy, sell, or rent cars online via this application. All they need to do is post a listing on the app.

However, if the customer wants their listing to be shown on top as a ‘priority’, they can purchase the paid plan.

Here, they can buy a relevant plan and get their ad displayed as ‘Featured’ on the app. Depending on the plan purchased, the listing will be shown on top of all the results for the mentioned time period!


Under this latest service, customers can share a ride or offer a ride from one place to another. For example, if a customer is traveling from Sheffield to Manchester via Huddersfield, they can list their ride on the app.

They can add the number of passenger seats available in the car, time & date, price, stop, and other essential information while listing the ride.

Anyone who wants to travel to the same destination on the same date & time can easily connect with the listing person on the Gojek Clone App 2023.

Now, they can share the ride and travel together. While the passenger gets the lift from one city to another, the customer listing the ride gets money for the same!

Nearby businesses

Businesses can list themselves on the app and get found by customers easily!

Also, customers can see a restaurant, store, or event in their location with a simple click on the app.

On the page, the customer can see the store’s name, a small description, timings, and distance from their current location. Moreover, the customer can choose to:

  • Call this place
  • Book a taxi ride
  • Order food from the place
  • See its location on the app
  • Look at offers and discounts

Track the family members

Your customers will also be able to track their family members using this app.

They will be able to track their children’s school buses and employee-staff vehicles using the  Gojek Clone App 2023.

For a real-time tracking facility, the school or the organization first needs to register themselves with the application. After the admin’s approval, they can register their students/employees and the drivers one by one.

Once done, an invite code will be sent to the family member. Now, using this code, customers can set up their profile on the application and start tracking live locations in real time.

Medical services

Your customers can easily book on-demand medical services using this application.

Under this service, your customers will be able to:

  • Book an ambulance
  • Order blood/plasma from a nearby blood bank
  • Book an appointment with the doctor
  • Order medicines
  • Online video consultation with doctors
  • Book an appointment with the pet’s vet

In Conclusion:

Buy the Gojek Clone App 2023 today if you want to Start successful business in one to two weeks!

Now that you have more than 7 reasons to get started with the development of this multi-service app, why are you still waiting?

Get in touch with the experts if you want to know more about this app, its services, features, etc.

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