Streamline Your Practice With Medisoft EMR Software

The right medical practice management software can save you tons of time and allow you to spend more time focusing on patient care. This is because many medical practice management systems include automation tools to help you streamline your operations and cut down on repetitive tasks. Medisoft EMR also has a patient intake mobile app for iOS and Android devices that makes it easy for practitioners to collect patient administrative details before, during, or after a visit. 

Patient Portal

Medisoft offers an EMR and practice management solution that helps physicians manage their schedules, billing, and revenue cycle. Featuring a powerful workflow engine, this software reduces costs while improving patient satisfaction. 

It also provides an intuitive patient portal that allows patients to access their health information online. It can also send electronic prescriptions to pharmacies and exchange data with other providers. 

Integrated calendaring features help users schedule appointments, track follow-ups and reminders, and receive alerts when patients have missed appointments or are due for follow-up visits. Integrated insurance eligibility checks and remittance advice are included in this HIPAA-compliant system. 

With a note-centric design, providers can complete the entire chart from a progress note without having to manually enter data. This eliminates the need for data entry, saving time and reducing error rates. The system’s documentation tools adapt to the provider’s style and offer a choice of data entry methods including templates, speech recognition, digital pen, dictation and web-based patient data entry. 

The patient portal can be used by any device, such as an iPad or Android tablet. It allows patients to fill out a questionnaire before their appointment and view their progress during the visit. It can also be accessed from their home or mobile phone. 

Patients can also make payments online using their debit or credit cards. It is also compatible with most major insurance plans and can be configured to work with Dunn management. Its patient portal features include the ability to request refills, review bills and send secure emails. It can also be customized to meet your practice’s needs and improve patient satisfaction. 

Medisoft also has a patient intake mobile app for iOS and Android devices that makes it easy for practitioners to collect patient administrative details before, during, or after a visit. This feature also helps doctors and staff stay organized while on the go. It also has an extensive knowledge base with medication protocols and treatment guidelines that are based on age, disease, and medications. 

Electronic Prescribing 

One of the largest paper-based processes in healthcare is prescription writing. Over three billion prescriptions are written in the United States annually and e-prescribing can help reduce this process by automating data entry and removing the need for manual input. 

In addition to reducing errors in prescriptions, e-prescribing also improves the efficiency of communication between prescribers and pharmacies. Pharmacies can request refills electronically or pose routine prescriber questions through an e-prescribing application, thereby eliminating the need for pharmacy calls. 

Electronic prescribing is often integrated with e-learning systems that provide current drug information for each patient. This improves patient safety, increases adherence and ensures that clinicians have access to the most current information. This technology also integrates with clinical decision support systems, which helps foster evidence-based, rational and individualized prescribing. 

Moreover, e-prescribing can integrate with telehealth services, which can improve the efficiency of healthcare and help patients access their healthcare providers without having to travel to a doctor’s office. Using these tools can also help physicians earn CME credits for their work. It has the same reviews as dr chrono reviews

E-prescribing is a critical tool that improves patient safety, promotes medication adherence and helps create cost savings for medical clinics, hospitals and patients. However, many barriers remain to the adoption of e-prescribing technologies. These include capability, cost, training, and integration issues. Fortunately, these issues can be addressed through careful planning and a system design that considers the needs of prescribers, office staff, and pharmacy personnel. 

Appointment Scheduling 

The Appointment Scheduling feature in Medisoft EMR Software allows your office to schedule appointments in a seamless way. This feature is ideal for healthcare offices that want to improve their appointment management process. 

In addition to scheduling appointments, Medisoft also offers medical billing tools to help you manage insurance claims. This feature makes the process of submitting insurance claims much easier and can save you time. It can even help you keep track of payments, resend unpaid claims and collect co-pays from patients. 

You should also look for a system that has built-in CRM functionality. This will ensure that you have an easy way to connect with customers and develop long-term relationships. The platform should be able to capture important information about customers, including their contact details and preferences. 

For example, some systems will allow you to set up automatic reminders that are triggered by email and text. These messages will be sent out to customers, allowing them to easily confirm, reschedule or cancel their appointment. This will help to increase customer retention rates. 

Additionally, you should look for a system that has a weblink feature that enables you to send customers a link to their booking confirmation or any changes they may need to make. This will help to increase your conversion rates and decrease your no-show rate. 

One of the most popular appointment scheduling systems is 10to8. This service enables businesses to create attractive booking forms, send automated reminders, and build relationships with their clients. It also lets you import your client list from other apps. 

Another excellent option is vcita, which enables users to interact with clients on a personal level. Its features include client history, attachments and a client inbox. The company offers a free basic version of their app, but a premium version with more features is available for businesses. The cost depends on the number of accounts and integrations. 

For healthcare providers, this feature can reduce stress levels and help to regulate customer flow during busy times. It can also allow you to allocate resources more efficiently. This will increase your staff’s productivity and help you to see more patients each day. 


Billing is one of the biggest challenges for physicians because it requires a high level of accuracy and strict compliance with HIPAA rules. There are two main ways to handle this part of your practice: either you can manage your billing in-house using billing software or outsource it to a medical billing service. 

Medisoft EMR Software is a medical billing and practice management solution that has been used by more than 16,000 healthcare practices worldwide. It can help streamline your practice by automating all major tasks related to your medical office. 

It is an affordable and popular solution that helps you run your practice smoothly. It also helps you save time and money by managing your patient records and billing efficiently. 

The software can be used on any computer or web-connected device, and pricing is based on a monthly subscription. This makes it a great choice for healthcare providers who want to keep their costs low without sacrificing quality. 

EZClaim is an easy-to-use billing solution designed with small to medium-sized provider offices and outsourced medical billing services in mind. Its comprehensive features include billing, scheduling, and insurance eligibility management. It supports general practice, therapy, vision, surgical, medical specialties, and home health care. 

Medisoft Clinical is an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) that can meet all the Meaningful Use requirements for Medicare and Medicaid. Its flexibility and ease of use will allow you to maximize your potential for a reimbursement bonus. 

Its Bright Note Technology allows you to import a patient’s vitals, allergies, problem list, medication list, and medical history directly into their chart from a note that you have created in other software such as Dragon Medical. This technology also allows you to e-mail data from the note to another physician or EMR. 

The administrative dashboard option gives you the ability to monitor your profitability and productivity through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This includes Accounts Receivable amounts, insurance sub-totals, missed or canceled appointments, and more. 

The software also allows you to send reminders and notifications to patients. This will help you increase patient retention and decrease no-shows. You can also access patient records, schedule appointments, and send remittance advice from any computer or mobile device. 

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