Be it a business trip to open new avenues and relations for your company or a fun and relaxing vacation with your family, it is essential to opt for an international travel insurance plan while going on international trips.

Going to a foreign land comes with its set of unprecedented events and risks. Hence, it becomes a necessity to opt for a travel insurance plan so that you don’t have to worry about extra expenses while on a trip. This article will talk about many such benefits of opting for a travel policy.

What is a Travel Policy?

A travel policy is an insurance plan which covers any unexpected expenses, such as loss of baggage, flight delays and cancellation, medical emergencies etc., while you are on a trip. When planning a trip, you do have a fixed budget as the cost of living and being a tourist in a foreign space can be an expensive affair. But in case of any kind of emergency, it may be challenging to stick to the budget. Spending money out of your own pocket can cause a significant burden on your finances. Hence, an international travel insurance plan comes in handy to make sure you are secure even while you are out of your native country.

A travel plan can be bought easily online or offline. Most plans offer a sign-up without any prior medical checkup, which is an advantage in case the trip is urgent. Different types of travel insurance policies are offered based on the location of travel, number of people travelling, number of days you will be staying at your destination and how frequent your trips will be.

What does it Cover?

International travel comes with a range of possibilities that could require extra spending. A travel plan covers many areas, helping you reduce the financial burden on yourself. Some of the elements covered under such a plan are:

  • Medical emergencies: Sometimes, the environment of a foreign place might not fit well with your body clock. Hence, a sickness might come over, which requires medical assistance and treatment. A travel plan covers the medical costs in case of illnesses, accidents etc., and even provides dental assistance.
  • Baggage loss/delay: Theft of your essential baggage or loss by the airlines can cause severe distress when you are in a foreign country. A travel plan covers the cost of purchasing essentials in such cases.
  • Loss of travel documents: In the event of you misplacing or losing essential travel documents such as passports, tickets etc., an international travel insurance plan will cover the cost of obtaining duplicates and copies of the same.
  • Flight delay/cancellation: In case your flight gets delayed or cancelled for any reason, the reimbursement or extra costs for travelling will be covered by the travel plan.
  • Personal liability: In case you are involved in an accident caused to another person, then the costs for their repairs or medical expenses will be covered by the travel plan.
  • Cashless hospitalisation: Many insurance companies offer the option of a cashless transaction in the event of hospitalisation. This means that the insurer will directly settle the bills with the hospital directly as opposed to you requesting reimbursement after paying the bills.
  • Hijack: Many travel plans offer a hijack cover. However unlikely such an event might be, insurers offer cover for any needs that will be required by the bearer after surviving a traumatic event such as a hijack.

What are its Benefits?

A travel policy helps ease the burden of extra expenses during an international trip significantly. Apart from providing cover for expenses such as medical emergencies, baggage loss, theft, burglary, flight delays etc., it also offers some more benefits:

  • Many countries require a travel policy in order for you to travel there. A travel policy fulfils that requirement if you want to visit countries such as the USA.
  • Buying an insurance policy ensures that there is a dedicated team of professionals to assist you in your travel. Be it medical insurance emergencies or travel documents, the insurance team will be ready to assist you at all times.
  • People of all ages can subscribe to a travel policy. The age range for an international travel insurance plan is quite wide, depending on the company you choose.
  • Any cost that arises due to flight-related issues, such as delays, cancellations, hijacks etc., is covered by the insurer.
  • Subscribing to a travel policy offers a stress-free travel experience as you don’t need to worry about extra expenses in case of any unexpected events.

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