The famous Hindu temple Vaitheeswaran Koil is devoted to the Lord Shiva who is also known as Vaiidyanathan or Vaitheeswaran in Tamil Nadu. Located in the Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu Vaitheeswaran Koil is the most crowded place for pilgrims who come from all over the country and pray to God to heal the severe illnesses of their loved ones.

The name Vaidyanathan represents the healing side of Lord Shiva and is believed that the person who prays for their illness will definitely get relief from their health issues.

Are you intrigued to know about the amazing Vaitheeswaran temple?

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About Vaitheeswaran Temple

Vaitheeswaran Temple is among the Nine Navgrah Temple in Tamilnadu where lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is the main deity and are worshipped here to be cured of diseases.

Vaitheeswarn is the Tamil name that means “Lord of Medicine ” in Tamil Language. It is believed that the Planet Mars also called Angaraka has been completely cured of Leprosy which was treated by Vaitheeswaran Swamy. Taking a bath in the holy kund known as the Siddharmortham tank will help you in getting rid of all types of diseases.

The Vaitheeswaran temple is the most sought for the eradication of Mangal Dosh, Nadi astrology, curing skin diseases, and its medicinal urundai Prasad Bhog which is believed to cure all diseases.

The temple is situated at a distance of 17 km from Mayiladuthurai, 27 km from Chidambaram, 45 km from Karaikal, 54 km from Kumbakonam, and 94 km from Thanjavur, Vaitheeswaran Koil is a town.

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Facts to Know About Vaitheeswaran Temple

It is assumed that the temple was constructed at the place where Lord Ram, Lakshman, and Saptrishi performed penance. Some interesting facts about it.

Vaitheeswaran Koil: Angarakan Navgrasthanam

Famous as the Navgraha Temple in South India, Vaitheeswaran Koil is associated with the planet Mars which is referred to as the Angarakan Navagrahasthanam. The story behind this temple is said that, once Mars was getting affected with leprosy and he was cured here by the treatment given by Vaidyanantahan Swamy(Lord Shiva). After that, the temple was also known as the Angakaran Navagrahasthalam.  The name Vaitheeswaran is also inspired by this incident, who is best known for curing Mars. A strong belief in this temple is the pilgrims who worship here will be cured of all their diseases and problems in their lives.

Vaitheeswarn Koil: Nadi Astrology

On the premises of the temple a group of astrologers residing here who are best known for their accurate predictions by evaluating the inscriptions interpreted on the palm leaves. It is believed that the future of all human beings is foreseen by the sages that live on the premises of Vaitheeswaran and records in the form of inscriptions on the palm leaves. The predictions are written in Tamil script that can be figured out only by the Nadi astrologer.

Prasdam: Urundai

The ashes are distributed as  Prasadam which is made up of the ashes from the Havan Kund along with the sandalwood powder and is believed to cure all your diseases. 

Vaitheeswaran: Temple Timings   

When it comes to knowing the Vaitheeswaran temple timings, the temple is opened at 7 AM and closed at 12 PM in the morning and 4 PM to 8.30 PM in the evening regularly. The closing and opening timings vary on any special pujas or special occasion.

How to Reach Vaitheeswaran Temple

To reach Vaitheeswaran temple Kumbakonam is the nearest railway station which is at a distance of 50 km from the temple. Tiruchirapalli Airport is the nearest domestic airport and Chennai Airport is the nearest international airport to the temple.

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