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Since the COVID-19 pandemic happened a lot of things have changed and become more technologically advanced and one of them is the education system. During covid-19 pandemic we all have to stay at home and study from home brings the popularity of E-learning and distance learning. So many students, teachers, and parents moved to electronic learning and found different ways to teach the students (Aboagye, E., Yawson, J.A. and Appiah, K.N., 2021). That is one of the reasons the educational app has become very important and useful for students. Now everybody can learn and teach from anywhere in the world and gain knowledge, certification, and degree through e-learning. Technology has advanced the practices of the educational system and increased its reach. Educational apps enable students to reach different online teachers, course material, assignment help, and projects through electronic learning.

Nowadays all students have access to professional teachers and courses all around the world by using their phones, laptops, and the internet. That is the reason educational app development has become very popular among youth and students and also become a profit-making business for anyone who is looking to invest in app development, it is a very useful and profit-making business (BAW, 2022). In this article, I will be sharing different types of educational apps, how to create an educational app? What are the benefits of it? And who is going to be your target audience? But first, we need to understand what educational app development is.

What educational app development is?

An educational app is a mobile or desktop software that enables students to learn through online channels. Educational apps integrate students, teachers, professionals, and parents as well. It also provides course material, projects, assignments, and reports. There are different types of educational apps it depends on who you want to cater to.

Types of the educational app:

As I have mentioned above educational app has different types such as LMS, educational game, online courses, and language learning. Although there could be more types and kinds of educational applications purely based on your idea and targeted audience. Below I am discussing the popular and useful types of educational applications.


LMS stands for learning management system it is an educational software for the administration, documentation, reporting, and tracking of assignments, projects, reports, and attendances of employees and students. It also provides course material such as syllabus, assignments, power points, and other educational learning material on the portal.

Educational games:

Building an educational app with built-in games is also popular, nowadays Teachers and companies and finding interesting practical ways of learning for students, and game learning is one of them. You can make built-in games related to a different field for example financing, marketing retailing, etc. to encourage students to think and encourage them to take steps in a game to get successful results. You can also add different types of quizzes and educational games to improve the practical learning of students. Big companies like McKinsey asked to play an assignment game in their recruitment drives, so it shows how important it has become for students to learn through games as well.

Language learning:

Another type of educational app is language learning, This is also a very popular and useful idea for students who want to learn different languages like English, French, Spanish, Turkish, etc. This type of app will enable all the students to learn different languages with only a single click at any place. Many students are already living or planning to live abroad and these language learning app has become a very useful and popular business idea.

Online courses:

Many students are willing to study with their work and use online courses to build and gain knowledge regarding different courses. Many reputed universities like Harvard even started providing online courses and certifications through which students can get knowledge from any part of the world without a hustle. On the other hand, there are various online platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer where students can hire to get help by Pay Someone To Do My Assignment and secure good grades.

How to create an educational app?

Step 01 Select your target audience:

First of all, you need to decide which audience you want to cater to, Is that a customized group of people studying specific demographics and systems to whom you want to provide a solution, for example, an app only for O-level and A-level students? Or you can make an application to cater to audiences who want to gain specific skills regarding a particular topic such as Python, data analytics, or digital marketing. So the first important thing is to identify and decide your targeted niche audience.

Step 02 Come up with the idea:

The second step is to come up with a wholesome idea for your educational app, which demographics, psychographics, interest, price, time, and communication you would be provided through your application.

Step 03, build team:

After having an idea, start creating your team according to your time and finances. Hire software developers to build your app who are best at their work and provide you with what you are looking for. Engage yourself with app developers to discuss the designs, features, and processes of the application.

Step 04 Profound Research:

Now, conduct profound research to evaluate the existing software and e-learning resources and better understand your user needs. In this stage, you conduct research about your existing app and get to know how is it working, whether is it good for your niche audience, how features are working what improvement it needs, and what errors are occurring.

Step 05, trust the developers:

Now you have tested, it’s time to give your final idea and prototype to be worked on by software developers to create, develop, deploy, run, and support your app. Make sure you keep on testing your software so it is free of errors and bugs.

Step 06, market and promote your app:

After finalizing the technical work it’s time to run the business and invest in the marketing of your product, Now you have to promote and advertise your educational app to your targeted audience through various digital and traditional advertising channels.


Finally, you have invested your time and money into making an educational app, let’s have a quick review of what we have discussed above.

An educational app is a mobile or desktop software that enables students to learn through online channels.

Types of educational apps:

  1. Learning management system
  2. Educational game
  3. Online courses
  4. Language learning

6 steps of developing an educational application:

  1. Select your targeted audience
  2. Generate idea
  3. Build a team of developers
  4. Profound research of application
  5. Hand over your idea to developers
  6. Advertise and promote your application


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