When you join an organisation, you have many things to consider. One such aspect is whether you are getting the benefit of health insurance or not. Usually, reputed organisations provide group health insurance plans to their employees. To understand how group medical insurance functions, it is always a good idea to understand its basics. This article will cover all you need to know about a group health insurance policy, from coverage and costs to requirements.  

What is Group Health Insurance? 

A group health insurance plan is mainly offered to you if you are an employee working under an organisation. This type of insurance covers you and your peers in the company. You can extend this insurance plan to your family in some places. It is considered a very beneficial perk because healthcare costs can be a lot to cover for an average employee.  

How Does a Group Health Insurance Work?

A group health insurance policy includes a group of individuals who are working under the same work contract. A group healthcare insurance offers the same degree of insurance to everyone in the group, regardless of age, sex or race, profession, or economic status. It reduces your need to purchase a separate insurance policy.

Coverage Under Group Health Insurance

Here are a few things you must know about group health insurance coverage:

  • Two kinds of groups are covered under this insurance- a formal group, which includes the employer-employee dynamics, and an informal group, which is a social or a cultural group. 
  • It covers medical insurance for a specified amount of expenses. 
  • These policies also tend to include term life insurance. It is designed to provide coverage in an unfortunate event of death. 
  • Personal accident insurances are also a part of this insurance. These cover the damage caused in the event of an accident causing serious harm to your health. 
  • In recent covid times, group insurance also covered the expenses and costs required to treat the covid virus. 

Benefits of Group Health Insurance

Getting group healthcare insurance can be rewarding for both you and your employer. Here are some benefits:

  • The premium is less than an individual health insurance premium. Since the risk is distributed among all the group’s participants, such plans decrease the healthcare provider’s liability.
  • Employees are more loyal to their employers when they have group insurance. You are bound to feel valued and respected as a member of your work team and will likely stay with the group longer.
  • When filing your income taxes, you can deduct the cost of group insurance premiums.
  • Since insurance costs are frequently funded by the employer, group insurance makes supporting all employees with varying income levels possible.
  • Group insurance is all-inclusive. It means you will get the same health advantages as any other employee in your company with more income than you.

Step-By-Step Claim Process of Group Health Insurance

To claim the group health insurance, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Update Your Information

Once you receive your employee ID in your company, always remember to update your basic information. If the group insurance in your company provides coverage to the family, then you must update your family information as well.

Step 2: Third-Party Administrator 

Your employer provides you with a TPA or a third-party administrator card to claim your health insurance. Remember to carry the TPA card when you need to claim the insurance. 

Step 3: Make a List of Network Hospitals

A health insurance policy has a range of hospitals which come under their terms. Always ensure you claim your insurance at the hospitals included in the list. 

Step 4: Provide Your Details at the Network Hospital

While filing for a claim, provide your correct information at the hospital and remember to carry your TPA card to file for your group medical insurance claim. 


Group healthcare insurance policies are a common perk when you work in an organisation. Group healthcare insurance plans are beneficial; however, you must also have a personal policy since group policies are only valid till you are an employee of that organisation. 

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