Are you a person who loves adventures? Then, it is the right time for you to know about the right place for the most adventurous activity, that is paragliding. Paragliding at Bir Billing will give you an unforgettable and marvellous experience. You can unleash your adventurous spirit over here. 

This sport has now emerged as one of the most favourite adventurous sports, which people want to experience in their lifetime. This wonderful place is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh amidst the heavenly beauty of nature.

One can paraglide here for upto 15 to 20 minutes. The timing for paragliding here is from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. One can fly at a height of 8200 feets in the air while paragliding in this place. Before going for paragliding one has to attend the session conducted there at the spot. The session will be held by the instructors, who are the professionals of paragliding. The instruction session will be based on certain important information one must know before paragliding. 

Paragliding timing may be postponed according to the condition of the weather at Bir Billing. 

If the timing of paragliding gets postponed due to the weather condition the possible time slot for paragliding will be announced. 

Why Bir Billing for Paragliding?

Bir is considered as the most favourite spot for paragliding. There are many reasons for considering this place as the most familiar and suitable for paragliding. Among those reasons some are given as follows for your reference to know about the speciality of this place. 

The most important feature for paragliding is to have a smooth aired environment. Bir Billing has this quality in its takeoff site. The wind will be smooth here. The reason for the want of a smooth aired environment at the takeoff site is that to have an easy and perfect takeoff for paragliding. 

The name of the landing site of Bir Billing’s paragliding site is Chougan. Another most important feature for paragliding is that it should have a safe and protective landing site. It should be a site which has the very least possibility of accidents and it should also be a place which has many chances of getting quick help in case needed. All these qualities are available here in Bir Billing.

The climatic condition is very important for paragliding. Without good weather condition, paragliding is impossible. It is good to visit this place and do paragliding from the month of June till the month of September. The best time to visit this place is November and December. Paragliding is not permitted from the month of July till the month of August because of the weather and climate during those months. 

Things to Do & Things Not to Do for Having a Good Bir Billing Paragliding Experience

Firstly you should be mentally ready and prepared for paragliding. You should not get panicked or become too much excited while paragliding. You should have a pleasant and calm state of mind during paragliding. 

You should have light food and you must not go with an empty stomach or take heavy food before going for paragliding. They will provide you with necessary safety equipment, wear it and have a safe paraglide.You must listen to the instructor and follow his instructions during paragliding, it is very important. 

You should not go barefoot as it will hurt you while landing after completing paragliding. Using boots with adjustable features or shoes which have a good grip is advisable. Avoid using slippers with heels and high heels, it may cause trouble while you land at the end.

Wearing clothes that are suitable for you as well as comfortable for paragliding is advisable. You can better avoid wearing clothes that are of heavy weight. It is better to avoid wearing jewels, as there are possibilities of missing it.

Where to Stay?

If you arrive at Bir Billing the day before your slot or even before, there are many good places there to stay and relax. There are many hotels, resorts and guest houses at Bir Billing for you to stay.

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