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Many big companies have had difficulty expanding into new markets, even though these markets offer great potential. The reason for this is that they don’t realize that what worked for them in their current markets won’t necessarily work in new, unfamiliar markets of web design companies Minneapolis.

To succeed in these new markets, companies must rethink their products and services and be willing to adapt to new ways of doing business. They must be open-minded and flexible in order to be successful.

Designing for emerging markets is challenging, but also exciting and rewarding. You have the opportunity to travel to new and exotic places, meet people from different cultures, and break away from the monotony of designing for similar users. 

Moreover, designing for emerging markets helps you to become more creative and design better products for all markets.

Designing For An Emerging Market

An emerging market is a country that has some traits of a developed market but is not classified as a developed market. This includes countries that were developed in the past or may become developed markets in the future. 

An emerging market economy (EME) is an economy with a low to middle per capita income. Such countries constitute about 80% of the global population and account for around 20% of the world’s economies. 

Designing user experience for emerging markets is not as straightforward as a regular UXD process. It requires additional market and user research because things are different in emerging markets.


Typing in non-Latin languages like Hindi, Chinese, and Arabic is often difficult on computers, especially with soft keyboards. Also, in some emerging markets, people are not as literate as in developed markets of web design companies Minneapolis. 

Therefore, designing simple, recognizable interfaces and using other forms of input and output, such as voice and audio, is necessary. The speedy development of conversational interfaces is expected to make information more available across various markets and segments. 

These principles are also helpful when designing products for a diverse group of people with impairments.

Use Less Voice-Activated Features

The reason for this is the accent. When communicating with a native Nepali in English, it is difficult for speech recognition engines that rely on English-based language models. This causes problems for your application. 

Additionally, most users may not prefer or feel at ease using voice-activated features. However, this is changing, so it’s important to research your users before implementing such features.

Find A Better Way To Handle An Unstable Internet Connection

In emerging countries, the internet connection is often unstable, both in terms of speed and connectivity. Apps may face multiple connection drops even when downloading small files. So, it’s important to consider how to handle this worst-case scenario.

Be Less Power Hungry

When designing for emerging markets, it’s important to consider that people often have lower-specification phones, which are more cost-effective and readily available. This means that you should aim to keep your apps and software less power-hungry. 

By doing this, you ensure that your product functions well on devices with limited battery life, without draining the battery too quickly. This will make your product more accessible and user-friendly for people in emerging markets.

Be Mindful Of Gender, Class, Language

When web design companies Minneapolis is designing for emerging markets, it’s important to consider gender, class, and language. Acceptance rates of new technology vary greatly between different groups. For instance, in India, men and women may have very different levels of interest in adopting new technology.

Know Their Education Level

It’s important to consider the education level of your users, as many people in emerging markets may have lower levels of education. This means that features should be designed with simplicity in mind, avoiding complex interfaces that may be difficult for users to understand.

Summing Up

Adapting your web design companies Minneapolis strategies for a different market requires more than just language translation. You need to think about how you present your brand and message using images and information density. Look at how other domestic competitors design their websites to understand your audience’s expectations. 

It’s not just about making it look nice, it’s about placing it into the right context for your audience to engage with it.

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