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The American Airlines UMNR Fare and Student Discount are two different terms or services that cannot be merged. The reason behind why is that both of these are specific and rare reservations. Or else, you can understand it as American Airlines do not offer both of these services to anyone at a time.

To get more brief, read the terms and conditions for Unaccompanied Minors American Airlines fare holders and student discounts described in this content.

Terms and Conditions for American Airlines UMNR Booking

To make a UMNR reservation with American Airlines without any hassle, you should meet the policies mentioned below in the following bullets.

  • To avail of the UMNR fare booking on American Airlines, one should be five or above and fourteen or below.
  • However, the American Airlines UMNR fare is restricted mainly to kids between five and fourteen. But it’s optional for children from fifteen to seventeen with some extra payment as UMNR service fees.
  • American Airlines UMNR is mandatory for kids from Five to fourteen.
  • As per the UMNR policy of American Airlines, kids from five to seven are liable only for nonstop or direct flights.
  • American Airlines allows unaccompanied minors between eight and fourteen to travel on both routes, i.e., direct and connecting routes.
  • Customers appealing for UMNR fare on American Airlines must provide the guardian’s contact details and ask them to be on time at the airport getaway.

What is American Airlines Student Discount Policy?

To get ease on seeking American Airlines Student Discount during the flight reservations we’d like you to suggest the policies mentioned below.

  • First and foremost, one should take membership in the AAdvantage program of American Airlines to seek student discounts frequently while purchasing air tickets.
  • With American Student Discount, one save upto ten to twenty percent of their budget on booking the American Airlines Flights.
  • It’s not dedicated to the schooling students in other states. Although the customers enrolling academic institutions in other destinations are liable to avail of Student Discount on Booking the American Airlines Flights.
  • One should have an authorised document of their Academic Institution ID Proof along with the photo.

Contact American Airlines Experts for Ease in Seeking Student Discount or UMNR Booking

Even though, the online accessibility, we’d like you to contact the American Airlines Customer Service Executive. With this, student discount or booking would be possible instantly for you. To share your concern to the American Airlines Experts, you can rely on any of the options such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Phone Number

These options are for the better convenience for the customers to contact the experts anytime from anywhere as per their urgency.

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