Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat is always known for its innovative and unique features to create more fun on the platform for users. This social media platform never failed to attract more users by developing some creative ideas in it.

Now if you are also a part of the Snapchat league, you must have noted a yellow heart or other emojis in front of your Snapchat friends’ names. These emojis are nothing but show your relationship with your Snapchat friend in terms of the number of streaks you have shared, story viewers, chatting, etc. Let’s see what does yellow heart mean on snapchat

Yellow Heart and Snapchat

Yellow heart on snapchat means if you can retain your friendship with the snapchat user with a yellow heart in your chat list for up to two weeks, then a yellow heart will be assigned. And if it crosses the 2 weeks, Snapchat will turn the yellow heart into red. See how interesting it is to know your relationship with your Snapchat friends. I hope you are now well aware of what does a yellow heart mean on snapchat.

Process the Snapchat follows to assign a Yellow Heart

Snapchat assigns a “yellow heart” to the one who is your best friend on Snapchat. To be best friends, you both have to share more and more regular snaps, chatting, sharing, etc. Snapchat keeps a record of all these things and boosts your friendship by providing heart emojis.

To gain the yellow heart on Snapchat, you must make sure you both are sending more snaps to each other rather than other users in your list. The process of becoming best friends on Snapchat will become longer if any of you are sending and receiving more snaps from others. You can’t stop receiving, but can act smartly by sharing more snaps with your favourite Snapchat user than others.

Snapchat assigns the emojis after examining your daily activity and attachment to a particular user on Snapchat. If the yellow heart relationship crosses two weeks, then the heart will automatically turn red.

Does the Yellow Heart be assigned to more than one user?

The answer to this question is NO. When you know what does the yellow heart mean, then you should know there could be only one best friend. If you want to be best friends with anyone else on Snapchat, the simple solution to this is to stop sending snaps to the previous yellow heart Snapchat user. Or sending more snaps than him/her.

More Hearts on Snapchat

  • Yellow: to a best friend on Snapchat
  • Red: when the friendship becomes stronger (more than two weeks)
  • Pink: for a deeper friendship (more than 2 months).


Enjoy the emojis on Snapchat and maintain good Snapchat relations with your favourite person to get a pink heart. Become a pro-social media user with the tips in the blogs of Onlinegeeks. So visit regularly.

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