Foam mattress 

Foam mattress relies on air trappers and other substances like spring to give good support and bounce. A foam mattress provides the right level of support and pressure. When you lay on it, then you feel comfort and softness. You can buy foam mattresses online in India if you want a new bed mattress. When you choose a mattress before knowing factors such as sleeping style, any condition like your body suffers from pain. Firstly decide which type of mattress is suitable for you.

Types of foam mattress 

Some types of foam mattresses are thick, thin, eco-friendly, different shapes, etc. You choose your body suitable. Then you feel more comfortable and relaxed. 

Memory foam 

Memory foam is one type of mattress that makes polyurethane and chemicals. It is good, supportive, and comfortable. When you lay your finger on a bed, you can see your handprint on the mattress after a few seconds, converting to the original shape.  


  • Durability 
  • Excellent comfortable


  • Holds heats

Latex foam 

If you want a chemical-free mattress, latex foam is a better option. This type of mattress provides excellent comfort and support. This mattress disturbed body temperature. The mattress makes from natural and synthetic rubber. 


  • Temperature regulation 
  • Long durability 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Eco friendly 


  • It is expensive 

Polyurethane foam 

The polyurethane foam mattress is an expensive and low-quality product used in this mattress. This mattress is used for cushions, sofas, chairs, etc. Petrochemicals make this mattress. It harms your body.


  • Easy to maintain 
  • Dust free 
  • valid for the spinal cord 


  • Different products have a different price 
  • Low durability 
  • Made with harmful chemical

Gel foam 

A gel foam mattress is like a memory foam mattress. When you lay on a gel-form mattress, it quickly returns to its original shape. It is more supportive and provides more comfort than other mattresses. This mattress is temperature disturbed, such as in the summer season it offers calm and warm in winter.


  • Pressure relief 
  • temperature regulation
  • Comfort and supportive 


It is an expensive mattress 

Reflex foam 

Polyurethane mattresses make reflex foam mattresses. This mattress is used for cushions, furniture, sofas, etc. If you have a spinal cord problem, a reflex mattress is the best option to reduce pain. This mattress is supportive and comfortable for your body curve.


  • Lower price 
  • Good support for your spinal 
  • Bounce 


This mattress is made from petrochemicals 

Convoluted foam 

The convoluted foam mattress looks like an egg crate shape. This mattress shape is helpful for those who like to side sleepers. This mattress shape is a good option if you suffer from back pain. This foam mattress reduces the pressure on the shoulders and hips and gives more comfort and relaxation. 

Benefits of convoluted foam 

  • You can quickly move from one place to another place 
  • Excellent supportive 
  • Reduce the pain issue 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Cost efficient 
  • Less noise 


  • It is short periods 
  • Change body pressure and weight. 
  • Difficult to clean 

Evlon foam 

The luxe foam mattress is also known as the Evlon foam mattress. This mattress makes high-quality furniture and cushions. These mattresses are for an extended period, and you can easily buy them at an affordable price.


  • High quality 
  • Long durability 
  • Good supportive 
  • Less expensive compared to other foam mattresses 

Why choose the foam mattress 

Comfort and softness 

Different types of foam mattresses provide an extra level of comfort and softness.


Some foam mattresses are expensive. You can choose according to your budget and suitable body.  


Some mattresses use for long periods, and some for short periods, such as memory foam and Elvon mattresses used for a long time. 

Lots of option 

There are a variety of options you can choose according to your sleeping style and budget.  
You can easily choose various mattresses according to your budget and reviews. If you want change your mattress you can buy mattress online in India.

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