What is Binance? How to Earn money online without doing nothing!

https://klaseo.com/demystifying-google-seo-a-comprehensive-guide-to-boost-your-online-presence/ To start and create a new account here is very easy. Just click and go to their official site, www.binance.com/. You will just need only an email address, from which you will get a verification code and that’s it, you are done with the sign-up process.

Right away from their homepage, you will see some cryptocurrencies with some stats. At the end of the list, if you press view more, you will see that they have a very long list of coins. Also, some more stats are displayed. Like the current price, the 24-hour change/high/low, Market Cup, and the 24-hour volume.

If you click on any of these, redirected to the main page where there is all the information you and need and where you can buy or sell directly.

Binance Payment Options

Probably is the first thing to look at.

If you go to Buy Crypto, you will see all the payment options that this platform has. Like Credit/Debit Card, F2P Trading, Third-party Payment or depending on which country you are some more options might be available like, Bank Deposit or Cash Balance.

To take a quick look at Binance main features, put your mouse cursor at the square next to the logo. The first one is Exchange, which is the most important feature, the place you can buy and sell. The Academy where you can learn more about how to trade in this platform through the documents, tutorial videos, or direct guidance. And the other features like Broker, Charity, Cloud, DEX, Labs, Launchpad,  Research, and Trust Wallet.

Binance Trade Menu

This menu offers different features. Convert is the first one where you can check the conversion rate from one cryptocurrency to another. If you go-to classic, you will redirect to the main trading page where the graphs and all the stats. And if you have knowledge and experience in the field, you can use the Advanced feature.

Here you can analyze specific rates, exchanges that you can do, and more. Margin, F2P, and Stock Token are some more options that you can check also before you decide to make a trade.

Binance Passive Income

There are two ways to earn passive income with this platform.

In a first way, you need some money to put into cryptocurrencies, and from there you can invest them in different ways. Where you can actually sit back and earn interest without doing anything.

For this, go to Finance, then click Finance Earn. After that, scroll down a bit and Savings. Here, you can see how much interest you will get if you transfer your money to each saving account.

They also have what’s called Locked Stacking. You can choose to lock your money for different time periods to increase your interest percentage.

In a second way, you can actually add money into your Binance account without using your own. A method to put money here for free is to use different get-paid sites like TimeBucks or SwagBucks is anyone you like since there are many out there. It would be better to find a site that pays out in the cryptocurrency that you would be, the same with saving accounts or staking you want to invest them in.

Binance Summary

Overall, it’s a great platform. Not only for what’s said above but also you can choose many other languages, many other currencies, have a huge knowledge base, customer support, etc.

Also, I would recommend that you use an offline wallet to keep your cryptocurrencies. Having a private address of a physical wallet where you can keep all your coins will give you full control of your cryptocurrencies.

This is a great way to invest or to earn through interest money online without any effort.

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