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In our technological era, it must be surprising to know that there are still many rural areas deprived of basic facilities. The Government of India keeps coming up with various schemes, policies and institutions to cater to the needs of the economically weaker section of our society. However, not everyone has the time, money and knowledge to take advantage of these facilities as they are required to go through the process of application and more.

The Government of India has finally shed light on the matter and come up with institutions to help people take advantage of implemented schemes and policies. 

One such attempt is the establishment of Jan Seva Kendra which allows the citizens access to significant forms and documents such as ration cards, pensions, insurance, bank accounts, Adhar cards etc. In this article, we’re going to discuss CSC Bharat Jan Seva Kendra and the process of its registration. 

What is the CSC or Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra?  

Common Service Center (CSC) is a service centre that has been established by the Government of India to implement governance in the country, providing its citizens with a wide range of facilities that include education, agriculture, banking, health, entertainment and more. Under the initiative of Digital India, the Government of India is going to set up around 1 lakh CSC centres in India. 

The Government of India has decided to open service centres to provide numerous benefits and services to the general public in rural areas. Moreover, it has been decided that the CSC Jan Seva Kendra will be made available at a distance of at least 5 KM in every district. 

Why are these public service centres necessary? 

As the focus of the current government is centred on developing India into a digital nation, all the new plans and schemes are made available online to the citizens. This move is taken to facilitate better management and accessibility of significant documents. 

Hence, the major objective of Jan Seva Kendra is to assist the citizens without any involvement in corruption. These Public Service Centres are designed to extend the accessibility of beneficial schemes and policies to the common man for free. 

How to register on the CSC? 

Follow these steps for csc Jan Seva Kendra registration

  • Visit the official CSC website and tap on “New VLE Registration”.
  • Enter your Aadhaar number and tap on the OTP tab. 
  • Next, enter the correct captcha code and select “Submit”
  • Tick the box that displays “hereby state that I have…” 
  • Tap on “Generate OTP” to receive an OTP from CSC, on your registered mobile number. 
  • Enter the OTP and then, click “Validate OTP” as the last step. Voila! You’re done. 

How to open a public service centre? 

The process of opening a public service centre in your area is quite straightforward and requires you to submit certain specifications. 

Habitat: The first and foremost thing is that you must be a local to open a public service centre in an area. 

Age: The minimum age requirement for the candidate is 18+.

Education: Each candidate must have proof of at least a matriculation pass. 

Language: The candidate must be familiar with both the local languages of their place and the English language. 

Other: The candidate must have computer knowledge. 


To conclude, CSC Sahaj Jan Seva Kendra is a great initiative taken by the government of India to provide facilities to those who are in need.

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