Not sure what is Istanbul famous for? No worry, after reading this blog post, you will get to know much more things about the Istanbul, for which Istanbul is popular. Anyhow, generally speaking, Istanbul is famous for its cuisine, history as well as for its culture. People from all over the world travel to Istanbul in order to explore it, the food it offers to its visitors is speechless since you can easily find a variety of cuisines at this place. And from the historical perspective, the city is literally mind blowing that’s why people from all over the world prefer to travel to Istanbul. Anyhow, as far as the culture of Turkey is concerned, so their culture and their traditions are super unique all over the world and people love to adopt them and feel proud of implementing Turkish culture. Besides all this, the super important thing which grabs everyone’s attention is Istanbul is the only city that is comprised of two continents i.e. Asia as well as Europe and yeah you can explore the essence of both of the continents staying at the same country. Above all this is one of the top visited destinations everyone must have to travel at least once in their life. 

There are much more places to explore in Istanbul other than culture and history, like the Grand Bazar, Galata Tower, Bosporus Bridge, etc. All of these places are unique and special in their own ways and offer you something charming and fabulous which will make you forget every stressful event of your life. Anyway, if you are serious to travel Istanbul and are willing to do so, then straightforwardly utilize Qatar Airways Promo Code 2023 for mind blowing deduction on your traveling tickets, and yeah don’t forget to come with me to the next paragraph for further information. 

1- Biggest City across Two Continents 

No matter where you would go but you couldn’t find a city like that of Istanbul as it’s unique in its own way and will offer a dual continent atmosphere standing at the same spot i.e. you can experience Europe’s environment over there in Asian Istanbul. Anyhow, no other country is going to offer you such an amazing uniqueness like that of Istanbul so this is one of the most wanted thing Istanbul offer in the entire world which hardly any other city or country is offering. 

2- Top Incredible History 

This is a must knowing the fact that Istanbul is most importantly famous for its history, yeah everyone travels and goes to Istanbul in order to explore its history and to see historical buildings like that of the Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazar, etc. You will get astonished to explore its history and want to know more when get to know some of it. Anyhow, if you really want to go to Istanbul and want to explore the entire history of Turkey, then here you can have the cheapest possible ticket directly to Istanbul by utilizing Qatar Airways Coupons. 

3- Delicious Food 

Turkish food is well known all around the world and yeah people from all around the world travel to Turkey in order to taste that delicious food. Moreover, you won’t only find Turkish food over there on that premises but also Continental food too, and yeah, the food lover must have traveled to Turkey at least once in his lifetime in order to satisfy his taste buds. Through all this, the person will have the best ever tour of all time. 

Conclusion of All  Istanbul is one of the superlative ever places to visit at least once in your lifetime since it will offer you the best version of Turkish history and hence you will have much more to go from cuisine to exploring different places. Moreover, Istanbul gives you an everlasting traveling experience since it is comprised of two continents and yeah people can have two continents experience living at the same spot and same place. Additionally, the Turkish people are more hospital warm welcoming than others and yes this is the reason why people love to visit Turkey every time they plan to wander around the world. 

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