IELTS and how to apply? 

If you have ever visited Punjab, you surely noticed an IELTS or Study Visa board on the roads. If not, you heard among your friends from Punjab that they prefer going abroad for studies after their secondary education. There are a large number of students who believe that studying abroad is a great option, including Punjab. Still, it takes work as it requires investment time and patience with all the first steps. To study abroad, you need to crack the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam with a good score that universities of other countries accept. 

Why is cracking the IELTS so important? 

It is essential because the universities want you to know the language which is spoken here so it will be easier for you to interact with the locals and teachers. Only after cracking IELTS with a good score do the universities accept the applications, and after that, they provide the offer letter, and the further process visa takes effect. 

How to crack the IELTS or PTE? 

  • Take admission to the IELTS Institute in Ludhiana or any other city you live in. 
  • Then, learn tips and tricks from the teacher 
  • Practice more to get the results 
  • Work on time management during the test. 
  • To crack the PTE (Pearson Test of English), just join a recognized PTE Institute in Ludhiana to get the best results. 

What will happen if you are not able to crack the IELTS exam? 

Sometimes you have put in enough effort but still did not get a high enough score to file for a visa. Still, you are sure that the exam you have given is pretty good, so why are the scores so low, and you feel disappointed? So, in that case, you can apply for IELTS Revaluation for one module or for the whole test. 

What is the procedure to be followed to apply for IELTS Revaluation? 

  • Open the login section and log in to the student profile 
  • Then submit an EOR (Enquiry on Results) by clicking on Apply now 
  • Then fill out the EOR form and submit it. This procedure is only followed in online mediums. 

Other important things to keep in mind about IELTS Revaluation? 

Revaluation fee: Filling a revaluation is not a free service. One-third of the typical test fee is the Revaluation fee. If your score increases after the revaluation, you will get a refund; if your score does not change, you will get nothing. 

TRF: Test Report Form is the result of the IELTS exam, submitted to the test conducting committee when they recheck your trial. Ince the test gets rechecked, it will be returned to the student. 

Time:  it takes a maximum time of 6 weeks. Within this time, your test gets rechecked, and your TRF is returned once they apply for rechecking. The revised marks are your final score that cannot be changed, so make a decision wisely if you are damn sure about your performance on the exam. Only then choose revelation; otherwise, giving the exam again is a wiser option. 

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