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If you have been considering various ITIL Certified courses to achieve one of the many credentials currently available on the market – there is such a vast variety – then you would likely come across some certifications with expiry clauses, which must be renewed by taking courses, earning credits or passing re-certification exams in order to keep the credentials active and current.

One such certification that must now be updated every three years is ITIL 4 certifications, where previously only updates were necessary when they became available. As part of their training to upgrade to ITIL Certified. Anyone holding ITIL v3 certification was required to take an ITIL 4 Managing Professionals exam after receiving short re-training in order to maintain current credentials.

When libraries were updated they could switch over seamlessly. Beginning January 2023, ITIL 4 certifications would have an annual renewal requirement within three years from their award date. Certified Individuals who fail to renew their certification within three years from its award date will still remain part of the Successful Candidates Register but a note will be added to their record to indicate their certification is no longer aligned with current certification requirements.

ITIL 4 certification prior to 2023

So if you completed your ITIL 4 certification prior to 2023 and intend on renewing it in three years from its award date, that certification comes with a three year renewal deadline. However, here’s what can happen:

Your ITIL 4 certification was awarded prior to 30 June 2020, you have up until 1 June 2023 to renew it, regardless of when it was issued. For certifications issued post-30 June 2020, renewal can occur up to three years post-original award date.

Are You Wondering Your Renew-By Date Is? Allow Us To Help. Simply log into Your People Cert Account for accessing all the information about Your ITIL 4 Certification.

People Cert has stated that ITIL v3 certification holders who did not upgrade to ITIL 4 do not face renewal requirements for these certifications.

But if you had taken and passed the ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition exam and currently hold ITIL 4 Managing Professional Certification or multiple ITIL 4 certifications? In such a scenario, all certifications would have a single renewal date which will be three years from their most recent ITIL 4 exam taken.

ITIL 4 Foundation and Specialist exams

Let us illustrate. For instance, if you took both ITIL 4 Foundation and Specialist exams between 1 January 2021-2022 on 1 January, both certificates would have an expiration date of 1 January 2025. Does that help?

Many of us may wonder, and many ITIL 4 certifications must be renewed periodically, why they need to? Passing an examination once and receiving certification was already hard enough work!

People Cert’s new Continuing Professional Development program – and ITIL 4 certifications as part of it – aims to help you navigate a busy labor market by supporting individual development. Furthermore, keeping skills current is vital for staying successful in one’s chosen profession and excelling professionally.

What will the benefits of renewing my certification be?

First and foremost, staying competitive requires staying up-to-date with industry knowledge, best practice skills, knowledge of ideas and learning experiences.

Second, it allows you to develop your career by availing yourself of the latest career advancement opportunities and staying ahead of competition in an otherwise highly-competitive job market.

Thirdly, it enables you to demonstrate your commitment to training not just your current employer but also potential future ones.

Finally, but certainly not least, elevating your personal brand and expanding your professional resume are two additional benefits of this investment.

Sounds like an ideal situation?

Simply stated, technology advances rapidly in today’s world. To keep pace, society must evolve accordingly; work cultures change as goals and objectives shift within organizations; the way work gets completed shifts as does certification requirements; therefore it is imperative that you keep renewing and upgrading your credentials to stay abreast of these advancements.

Now that we have established when and why ITIL 4 Certification must be renewed, let us explore how you can renew them.

Retaking the same certification exam is one way to renew ITIL 4 certification. If you hold ITIL 4 Foundation credentials, visit an Axelos Authorized Training Partner and take another ITIL 4 Foundation examination; doing this will extend your credentials for another three years from the date that your renewed certificate was issued.

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